Winter Wellness Essentials to Help You Get Through The Winter

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To say this year has flown by is an understatement. I cannot believe we are weeks away from winter! Speaking of winter, I wanted to share with you guys a few products I received in the winter wellness box. This months box is filled with fun self-care items, as well as items to help combat the oh-so-dry winter months.



Winter Wellness Essentials to Help You Get Through The Winter


Flexitol Dry Skin Cream

If I get lazy with moisutizing during the winter, I quickly regret it because it can get so uncomfortable — between the cracking and the scratching. I love how the Very Dry Skin Cream is deeply nourishing. It has a rich texture that makes my skin feel so soft. This cream contains 12.5% urea plus 1 % dimethicone, which is a skin protectant to help lock in moisture. 



Oxy Acne Solutions

I know I’m not the only one who still has breakouts as an adult — especially when your skin is dehydrated and flaky. I’ve tried more acne treatments that you can count but I have been loving the new OXY®Advanced Care™Maximum Strength Acne Cleanser with Prebiotics and OXY®Advanced Care™Maximum Strength Rapid Spot Treatment with Prebiotics. I’m not surprised because their acne pads have always worked for me. These are dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to visibly reduce redness in just 4 hours. *Please don’t forget to to moisturize when using acne products to prevent uncomfortable dryness. 


Get 25% off your order plus free shipping when you visit oxyskincare.comand use the discount code “Babble” (Valid 10/17/21 –12/31/21)


HerpecinL Everyday Protection

I can get cranky if I run out of chapstick in the winter LOL. HerpecinL Everyday Protection has SPF 30, and soothes & relieves dry chapped lips. It also acts as a protection from triggers that can cause cold sores such as UV exposure and skin damage. 


HerpecinL pain relief – triple action with Lidocaine

HerpecinL Pain relief is a more targeted spot treatment for cold sores and fever blisters. It’s nice to keep these in your medicine cabinet because you never know when you’ll have a breakout. It fights against infections, numbs cold sore pain and itch at the sources all while helping prevent cracking. 



Tree Hut Sugar Plum Berries Shea Sugar Scrub

How do you self-care? One of my top favorite things to do is do a scrub and take a warm bath salt bath. The Sugar Plum Berries Shea Sugar smells super sweet and has been a must-have in my bathing routine. I typically use a scrub at least once a week, sometimes twice if my skin is feeling extra flaky. I appreciate that their scrub is made with simple ingredients, including sugar, shea butter, and natural oils.


Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash 

Summer’s Eve’s formulas are safe to use every day and are dermatologist and gynecologist tested. You will not regret adding Summers Eve in your shower caddy to give you that extra fresh clean feeling. *For external use only. 



The Witchy Homestead by Nikki Van De Car (From Running Press)

The Witchy Homestead by Nikki Van Der Car is such a cool read, as she shares natural herbal remedies and ways to connect with the natural elements. She discusses topics like how to start an organic garden to DIY house cleaning recipes. 


Let me know which of these products you will be trying!


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