Spring Nails – Cloud Nail Art

Spring is here and I had the urge to do some fun, bight nails. I was inspired by the vibrant blue spring skies with the fluffy cotton ball clouds for this one.  This nail art was super easy to do, so I highly recommend you trying it as well if you like how they look! 



Spring Nails – Cloud Nail Art

Cloudy with a chance of blue skies was the first thing that came to my mind  ☁️✨🦋🌼

I used L.A Color gel extreme shine nail polish in shade splashy and color last nail polish in shade evermore. I created the clouds with a detail brush. I was going for more effortless looking clouds so I just did random strokes with the brush. I let it dry before I added a second coat of evermore to add dimension to the clouds.

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