How To Treat Your Dog Like Family

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“If you can’t love a dog like a family member, don’t get one. Because they only know how to look at you as a pack member and to them, that is family.”


Dogs hold a special place in so many lives and hearts—including mine and my husbands. My husband and I decided to get a Miniature Pinscher/ Rat Terrier mix a few years back after he came back from deployment and she has been nothing less than our furry child ever since. In fact, she interacts with my husband and me as if she’s a human. She runs up to us and gives us a kiss goodbye when she knows we’re about to leave the house, and gives us a kiss after we walk her or give her some food/water as a sweet thank you. Also, she always comforts us by giving us kisses and cuddles when she knows we are sick or upset. Just having her company is enough to make us smile on a bad day. I truly believe a culprit to her interactive behavior with us is because we have always treated her like a member of our family. Today, I’ll be sharing how to treat your dog like family—with respect and love.


How To Treat Your Dog Like Family

Every dog deserves to be happy, healthy and nourished.


Love them like family.

Never leave the house without saying goodbye, or greet them without a hello and a head rub when you arrive home after a long day. The same goes for any member of your family. Your dog can tell when you acknowledge them or not.


Connect with them like family

You can’t have a conversation with them, but you can take the time out of your day to take them on a long walk, or a few rounds of fetch and tug-of-war.


Guide and support them like family

Your dog needs you to guide them on what behaviors are and aren’t acceptable. Avoid belittling or abusing them as it can result in an aggressive or fearful dog. Instead, discipline them by using a firm voice while being consistent and prompt. Remember, dogs respond well to praise and positive reinforcement.


Feed them like family.

Be picky about what food you feed your dog as the quality of food affects their health and lifespan.

I want my sweet Stella to live a long, happy life. For this reason, I make sure to give her quality, delicious food. I feed Stella BLUE Life Protection Formula™ Chicken & Brown Rice as it provides her a properly balanced diet and she enjoys it. Blue Buffalo® uses high-quality ingredients with real meat as the first ingredient, no corn, wheat or soy, and no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals. There’s a precise blend of protein and carbohydrates in small-breed formulas that support higher energy needs, and glucosamine and chondroitin in the senior and large-breed formulas to support joint health and mobility.

Blue Buffalo® is now available at Walmart. When you purchase any BLUE Life Protection Formula™ or BLUE Wilderness™ dry food at Walmart during the month of November, Blue Buffalo® will donate $1 for every small bag of food sold, up to $275,000, to Sierra Delta Service Dogs for Heroes. Sierra Delta’s mission is to support more veterans by supplying them with trained canine companions. Only 1 in 150 vets in need of service dogs are currently served. By increasing access and improving efficiency, we can help eliminate the critical shortage of service dogs for our military heroes and rescue large adoptable dogs from euthanization. It’s a win-win. My husband served in the Navy and we have come across many Veterans who suffer from both mental and physical wounds and would greatly benefit from having a highly trained Public Access Service Dog. Life simply wouldn’t be the same without our Stella and I feel like a furry companion can brighten anyone’s life—especially veterans.

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As I mentioned earlier, Stella loves showering us with kisses as a sweet thank you. Her gratitude is always loud and clear.

Stella excitedly waiting for my husband to give the OK to eat her Blue Buffalo® food.


A throwback photo of few months old Stella in my husband’s arms shortly after he came back from deployment.[/caption]


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