Tips to Add Productivity and Comfort to Your Workspace



Creating a healthy and happy workspace is the key to flourishwith comfort and productivity being a top priority. Today I’m sharing little tips to add productivity and comfort to your workspace.



Tips to Add Productivity and Comfort to your Workspace

Scroll down for some tips to add productivity and comfort to your workspace.


Bright lighting

Nothing compares to natural sunlight. However, if you don’t have access to daylight, use “blue-enriched” light bulbs. Studies have shown that “blue-enriched” light bulbs can increase productivity, work performance, mental clarity, and mood as like natural sunlight.


Incorporate greenery

Studies have shown that plants can improve mood, creativity, productivity, and clean indoor toxins. Plus, one of the simplest ways to add life to a sterile space is to add some plants.  



Limit noise

Unwanted noise can easily cause distraction. Consider using noise-canceling headphones if you happen to have a noisy home. 



Nothing affects comfort and productivity more than clutter and mess. Opt for storage solutions and minimal items on your desk. 


Proper placement

  • Place the computer perpendicular to any windows to help avoid glare from the sun.
  • The computer screen should be 20 to 40 inches away from your face. If the screen is too far, you may have to lean forward compromising back support and posture. If the screen is too close. you can cause eye strain as they have to work harder to maintain focus.


Adjustable furniture

Sitting at a desk all day long at home and have neck and shoulder soreness? A stand-up desk may be your best solution. Stand up desks have been shown to increase productivity and support fast relief for neck, shoulder, and back tension. In addition, they promote medically appropriate posture/alignment. I have the Eleva Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This desk is heavier and sturdier than I anticipated, and it arrived fully assembled so you don’t need to be handy to set it up. Plus, it’s extremely easy to adjust the height of the desk. Simply squeeze and lift the two handles on the sides of the desk and it’s ready to go. The desk has a roomy workspace and can easily fit two computers or laptops. 


the handles to adjust the height of the desk.



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