Quarantine – Things to Do at Home During Quarantine

Quarantine doesn’t have to be as dreadful as it sounds. There are many things to stay busy and productive at home. Today I’ll be sharing things to do at home during quarantine aside from work.




Quarantine – Things to do at Home During Quarantine

Scroll down to read a list of things to do at home to avoid going stir-crazy. 


Organize, redesign, renovate, or deep clean your home


Research your family genealogy


Leave reviews on your favorite businesses on google


Create your own presets/filters to use on your Instagram


Read books


Learn a new skill or hobby


Garden or do some landscaping


Create a vision board


Cook a new recipe


Facetime/call and check up on loved ones


Donate clothes


Go for a walk/run 6 feet away from others


Teach your dog new tricks


Take an online course over something you are interested in


Start a journal


Do an online workout class


Do a DIY project


Challenge your mind and do puzzles


Go on a bike ride


Indulge your creativity in coloring books




Learn Tik Tok dances


Pamper yourself with a mask, warm bath, and candles


Start an online hustle


Catch up on your favorite tv shows or watch informative documentaries 


Give yourself a manicure or pedicure



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