Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Will Impress Your Valentine


Valentine’s Day is right around the around the corner and the last thing anyone wants is no plans when they’re in a relationship.  If you’re planning on doing something romantic and out-of-the-norm for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to make them feel more than special.



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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Will Impress Your Valentine

Below are some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas that will impress your valentine. 



Drive down memory lane and make an album of your relationship & moments shared together.


Go biking on a scenic path or around a city.


Take a hot air balloon ride together.


Host a game night party.


Go back to where it first started and recreate your first date.


Try a martial arts together.


Go to a psychic together.


Take a painting and sip class together. 


Spend the entire day together doing things either of you have never done. 


Get a couples massage together.


Take a long walk to nowhere and exchange future goals and plans. 


Cook a new meal together.


Book a dinner cruise. 


Take on a DIY project together.


Volunteer somewhere that you both are passionate about.


Catch the sunrise or sunset together with wine, tea, or coffee.


Get food (you know your significant other would love) delivered to the house and snuggle up together for a romantic movie marathon.


Take a dance class together.


Paint each other.


Have a picnic at the park.


Go to a botanical garden. 


Surprise your significant other to candles, petals, slow jams, wine, and board/card games.


Take a pole-dancing class together. 


Travel to a new city and be a tourist together.


Go to a hot yoga class.




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