Amazon Beauty Products You Need

Amazon is a hot spot for shoppers including beauty junkies like myself. I have purchased many beauty products & accessories on there for a more than fair price. So today I’m going to share my trued-and-tried beauty products I’ve purchased on Amazon. 


amazon beauty products


Amazon Beauty Products You Need

Here are some Amazon beauty products you need if you’re into makeup and taking photos/videos.


Selfie Ring Light

I can’t express how much of a difference a ring light gives to selfies and videos. This one is super affordable and the light is adjustable.

Light Reflector Photography

You may not think a light reflector makes a difference in your photos and videos—but let me tell you it does. Specifically, the gold one will warm up your picture, the silver one will brighten your picture, the white one will bounce light into shadows, and the black one will block out unwanted light. 



Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Digital Clock and 10x mirror

I’ve had this mirror for almost a year now and it still works perfectly. If you have always wanted a Hollywood vanity but didn’t want to splurge on the money, I definitely recommend in getting this. This mirror is lightweight for the size of the mirror and looks so pretty on a desk. This mirror comes in black and white. 




Travel Trifold Mirror with Lights and 2x/3x Magnification

We all know the horrible lighting of hotel rooms. A good travel mirror with lights just makes it SO much easier to apply makeup seamlessly. This is the perfect travel light mirror because it has adjustable lighting, foldable doors, and you’re able to see your face from all angles. This mirror comes in several colors.



Travel Makeup Bag

Looking for a durable makeup bag? Look no further. This bag has so many compartments to fit palettes, lipsticks, and brush. Most importantly, I love how the exterior is hard and protective to prevent makeup from breaking.


amazon beauty products



UV LED Nail Lamp

I love this one by Estala. This has a sensor and timer and this one works with gel polish AND regular polish (many don’t dry regular nail polish).



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