My Dog’s Quirky Personality Traits


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It’s hard to believe we adopted Stella a bit over 2 years ago. We were told she was a pure Miniature Pinscher but I’d say she is more like a Rat Terrier/Miniature Pinscher mix. I featured her on my blog today because she is a big part of my life and I thought I’d share a few of her quirky personality traits. As beautiful as she is, she sure knows how to give us a good laugh.





My Dog’s Quirky Personality Traits

Small dog syndrome is a real thing and she undoubtedly has it. She has a big personality for a little body. Here are a few of my dog’s quirky personality traits.



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Spoons like a human

While laying on the couch or on the bed, Stella insists on spooning. Even if there’s barely any room, she’ll find a way to snuggle her long body against mine. Who needs a human when you have a dog to spoon?!


Airplane ears

When she gets scared or nervous, she makes her ears look like airplane wings. She has been called Dobby from Harry Potter for this reason. HAHA!



The airplane ears.



Demands to be heard

She’s definitely an alpha. So, when she demands to be heard. she’ll blow out air from her nostrils when she wants you to know she’s there or wants something. It’s like she’s saying, “mommy, I’m here. Don’t forget to share some of your apple with me.


Hops like a kangaroo

When she’s excited while on the leash, she’ll hop like a kangaroo on her two back legs. I’d say it’s the funniest thing she does.


Lifts legs when using the bathroom

Stella is a princess. So of course she lifts one of her back legs when she pees so her feet doesn’t get wet.






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Do you have any dogs? If so, does your dog have any of these quirky traits? If not, what are some of their quirky traits? 


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