Hair Hacks: Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

Today, I’m going to talk about what has personally helped my hair grow faster. By no means am I saying these are the only ways to grow your hair faster and that this is the right way to do it. I’m just saying these are the things I’ve done that I’ve noticed has helped me in hoping it can help you too!



Hair Hacks: Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster


Avoid (tight) ponytails

Ponytails, especially tight ones, put a TON of stress on the strandsresulting in breakage. Instead of using a hair tie, gently twist you hair up and clip it with a pin.


I was (and still sometimes) guilty of this because I love the feeling of having my hair up in a ponytail. Now, I try to gently pin it up more when I want my hair out of my face. 



Frequent trims

Frequent trims are essential in preventing split ends from working their way up to the stands. It’s suggested to trim about an eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent and/or cut split ends as soon as they appear.


This is something I wasn’t doing enough of because I didn’t want to keep taking inches off my hair. Little did I know, it did more harm than good. I’ve noticed such a difference since I started doing frequent trims on myself ( yes, I do it myself since I have trust issues from prior experiences with hair stylists).



Limit heat

This is one of the most challenging out of the bunch, and can be inevitable at times, but is one of the most important. Frequent use of heat will prevent hair from growing and thriving. Therefore, let your air breathe and be in its natural state more often.


One of the main reasons why my hair always had a tough time growing is because I’ve used heat on my hair since I was a teenager (I have naturally curly hair). Now, I’ve been trying to enjoy my natural hair and been seeing such a difference in my hair growth as a result of that. 



Use heat protectants and serums

Please don’t forget to use heat protectants whenever using heat toolsthey truly add the protection your hair needs. Hair serums also do a nice job in providing a protective shield over the most sensitive areas—such as the ends.


One of my tried and trued styling serum is Leonor Greyl’s Serum de Soie Sublimateur Detangling, Smoothing, Protective +Nourishing Styling Serum.  This nourishing serum contains silk proteins and plant oils to provide shine and protection without weighing down my (somewhat thin) hair. I absolutely love using a pea size of this serum on humid daysit helps keeps the frizz at bay.




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Apply scalp oil or mask weekly

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. For that reason, it’s important to deeply nourish the scalp weekly with scalp oils and masks.


One of the scalp oils I’ve been loving is Leonor Greyl’s Regenerescence Naturelle Purifying Scalp Oil. This scalp oil contains amino acids, proteins, and natural essential and botanical oils that will help purify and stimulate hair growth (by increasing surface blood + circulation and preventing deficiencies of the scalp). Applying this to the scalp feels amazing and gives the scalp an extra boost. I would like to note to rinse this thoroughly out of the hair and be careful that the oil doesn’t run down to the face (the essential oil in it caused me to break out). 



Cold-Water rinse at the end of each shower

Rinse cold water through the hair for a few seconds to help seal the hair cuticle, which  provides shines, as well as prevents snags, moisture loss, and heat damage.



Bye-bye cotton pillow cases

Cotton pillow cases can absorb the beneficial oils from your hair and even cause nasty knots. Frequent knots and hair dryness results in hair breakage, which ultimately prevents hair growth. For this reason, opt for silk pillow cases since they are much more gentle on the hair.


I used to be so confused on why I would always wake up with a head filled with knots. Once I made the switch to silk cases, I stopped getting those nasty knots so often.




Now tell me, do you have any hair growth hacks you’d like to share?



18 thoughts on “Hair Hacks: Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster”

  • Although I prefer my hair shorter these days, I could have benefited from these tips when I was younger. I had no idea about the cotton pillow case . . .interesting!

  • I recently chopped my hair and realized quickly I much prefer my hair long! I am going to implement all these tips and fingers cross my hair grows long!

  • Such good tips!! Silk pillow is definetely a good tip! Also never brush them when wet and always brush them head now to go in their way 🙂 I use ayuverdic powder to wash them and garlic (!) mask which I rinse with cold …coffee haha

  • I did not know that it is even possible to grow hair faster. I thought this process is completely automated and that there can be no influence on it whatsoever. So, thank you for sharing these tips. I will try them 🙂

    • Genetics certainly do play a role… but from my experience, things that can cause hair breakage (like tight ponytails, cotton pillows, etc.) can prevent hair from growing as quickly as it should. Thanks for reading and good luck in your hair growth journey, Andrea 🙂

  • This is amazing thank you so much for sharing these I had no idea for most of these things and no wonder my hair is not great!!

  • I am so guilty of putting my hair in a ponytail almost every day. I don’t ever use heating tools on my hair, and like to do a cold rinse when it’s warm outside but I can’t do it in the winter when I’m already cold. I know I don’t get my hair trimmed enough, but when I lived at home and my mom would do it, that definitely helped my hair grow quickly.

    • Haha I feel you, it’s definitely challenging to do the cold rinse during the winter… I hate getting out of the shower in the winter time to begin with lol

  • Never heard all of these tips actually my hair is always tight ponytail to feel comfortable especially here in our country it’s already summer but I really love your advice nice!

    • I completely understand, I don’t think I’ll ever give up putting my hair up in a ponytail completely–I love it too much! Thanks for reading Maysz 🙂

  • These are some great tips and I follow them all except applying hair masks ! I apply masks only once a month, I need to change this habit!

  • Glad I came across this article. My hair seems to take a long time to grow. I am guilty of tying it tightly in a high ponytail daily. I better try to change that habit.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂 I can totally relate, it feels so nice to have hair up in a ponytail!

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