BioSilk Silk Therapy Haircare Line

Have you tried or heard of BioSilk’s Silk Therapy Serum? If you haven’t, please try it! If you have and are a fan of it, I think you will like BioSilk’s Silk Therapy haircare line (formulated for all hair types). So, today I’m going to talk about many of the products from the line and my thoughts on them!


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BioSilk Silk Therapy Haircare Line


BioSilk Silk Therapy Shampoo – $15.50:

Contains botanical extracts and herbs to gently cleanses hair and remove build up while leaving hair healthy and manageable. Silk proteins penetrate hair to condition and provide shine to hair. Ideal for all hair types.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Conditioner – $15.50:

Contains botanical extracts and herbs that replenishes moisture. Silk proteins penetrate hair to condition and provide shine to hair. On top of that, this contains UV protection.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Thickening Crème – $15:

A lightweight crème that provides support and hold while creating thicker, fuller hair.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Thermal Shield Protection Spray – $16:

Offers complete heat protection. The advanced formula utilizes silk and other protecting ingredients to help shield hair from thermal damage, while giving long lasting styling results with ultimate shine.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo – $17:

This dry shampoo is a water-free spray that cleans hair, absorbs excess oil, and eliminates odor.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Natural Hold – $20:

Developed to maintain a natural hold while using silk botanicals to provide shine.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On Spray – $18:

Weightless finishing spray that controls frizz and provides hair with shine and UV protection.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Miracle 17 Leave In Conditioner – $20:

This leave in condition provides 17 uses:

  • Conditions and hydrates hair instantly
  • Provides volume and body
  • Controls and defines curls
  • Reconstructs and repairs dry and damaged hair
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Revives dull lifeless hair
  • Smoothes the cuticle
  • Controls frizz and flyaway’s
  • Prevents split ends
  • Stops hair breakage
  • Seals hair cuticle
  • Protects hair color from fading
  • Protects hair from environmental damage
  • Thermal protector for blow drying
  • Thermal protection from flat and curling irons
  • Leaves hair soft and silky
  • Adds incredible shine



My thoughts BioSilk Silk Therapy Haircare Line:

First of all, I absolutely love the smell of this line. If you’re familiar with the Silk Therapy Serum scent, you know what scent I’m talking about! If you aren’t, it’s like a salon-fresh scent. Every product in the line has that same amazing scent.


Three products that certainly stood out to me (and I’ve used the most) are the shampoo, conditioner, and miracle 17 leave in conditioner spray. I really like how the shampoo and conditioner are gentle and leave my hair feeling clean and nourished. Most of all, I like how they are free of silicons, sulfates and parabens. The miracle 17 is truly a miracle for the hair and I’m so happy I now know of its existence. Another  product that stood out to me is the natural hold finishing spray. I really like how this spray looks natural and it is not heavy or causes stiffness like some other finishing sprays. Moreover, I’ve been also enjoying the dry shampoo and the heat protective spray. I’m picky when it comes to dry shampoos and I really like this one.


The one I liked the least from the bunch so far is the shine on spray. Since I have somewhat thin hair, it left my hair looking greasy after straightening my hair. At the same time, I feel like this would work beautifully on frizzy, thick hair. Lastly, although I did notice a thickness in my hair from using the thickening créme, I noticed my hair was dry after using it. However, I’m still going to try it out more and give it another chance.



Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts?

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