4 Makeup Lighting Tips For Perfect Application

Who has applied their makeup in poor lighting and got horrified when they saw themselves in the car mirror (aka the mirror of truth)? Been there, done that! We are unable to see how well we blend our makeup due to poor lighting. If you feel like you have poor lighting in your house, I want to share with you 4 makeup lighting tips I’ve learned over time!



4 Makeup Lighting Tips For Perfect Application, makeup lighting tips


4 Makeup Lighting Tips For Perfect Application


Type of lights

Certain lights are ideal for putting makeup on. Particularly, you want to aim for daylight white lights and avoid yellow, rose, and florescent lights. Yellow lighting makes you look yellow, rose lighting makes you look to warm, and florescent lighting highlights all your flaws. Also, it’s essential to not use lights that are more 65 watts because it can give you a false illusion of a pale face, resulting in apply more makeup than needed. With this in mind, you may need to change your light bulbs in your bathroom, beauty room, etc.



Natural Sunlight

The sun is your best-friend (especially when you have poor lighting in your house) when applying makeup because light is evenly distributed on the face.



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Invest in a lighted vanity mirror

You are not always going to have bright, sunny days. For that reason, it is convenient to invest in a quality lighted vanity mirror that mimics daylight. I got my lighted vanity mirror from Estala Skin Care (I was sent one for review purposes). I really like this one because it’s the perfect size—big enough to do makeup and hair yet it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Also, this mirror has a digital clock to keep track of time (I’m know I’m not the only one who loses track of time whiling doing their makeup!) Most of all, I love how this mirror has adjustable lights (you can switch it from warm, neutral to warm).


Estala Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED Lights  12” x 16”

  • Touchscreen
  • Adjustable lights (warm, neutral, and cool)
  • Dimmable lights
  • LED lights have 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 360° rotating design
  • Digital clock
  • Comes in white and black
  • 1 year warranty (full refund or replacement)



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4 Makeup Lighting Tips, Makeup Lighting Tips, lighting applying makeup, vanity mirror, estala, estala skin care, estala mirror, Hollywood vanity mirror, lighted mirror


Location of lights

You want to avoid lights that are above you because it will not only create unflattering shadows on the face, it will also make it difficult to see what you’re doing. For that reason, you want to make sure your lighting is at face level.




Now tell me, do you have any lighting tips and tricks to share?


20 thoughts on “4 Makeup Lighting Tips For Perfect Application”

  • I love puting makeup on in natural light. One of my absolute favorite things about the house we live in is that all the bathrooms either have a window or skylight with natural light beaming in. A lighted mirror might be a nice addition though.

  • Love the post! I am looking for a vanity mirror just like that! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely look into getting something similar!

  • I’ve always wanted a vanity mirror like that but haven’t made the investment. Currently I do my makeup in the living room in the best lighting the house has to offer.

  • Although I don’t wear make up as I used too, I can’t agree more with your post. Natural lighting is truly important for a complete an great finish.

  • I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so don’t have too much of an issue with the lighting. But, I do have a small mirror that sits on my counter and is great for bouncing the overhead light back at me when I need to do that to get a more even lighting on my face.

  • I love a good vanity mirror. It’s so essential not only while doing makeup but also for aesthetics. Always blends well with natural lighting.

  • Thanks for the tips. I just apply my makeup in the morning in front of the bathroom mirror and with the stand light. I am not big into makeup.

  • I am a wedding photographer and I see every weekend the makeup artists at work, Natural light is a great way to apply makeup because you can get an idea of what it will look like by the time the ceremony starts. Thank you so much for sharing these great tips!

  • I need to invest in a lighted vanity mirror. I hate when I apply my makeup and think it looks great but then go outside and not so much. Lol.

  • The right lighting really can make or break your makeup look. I always hate it when I travel because hotel lighting is horrible compared to my lighting setup at home

  • I think investing in a lighted vanity mirror is so important. You’re able to ensure you’re blending appropriately.

  • Light is super important especially while doing make up for sure. I love that you have provided all these top tips xx

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