Glycolic Acid Benefits: Who Can Benefit From Using it?


Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) derived from cane sugar shown to have numerous skin benefits. Out of all acids, glycolic acid penetrates into the skin the quickest. In fact, glycolic acid is the most popular and studied acid. Dermatologist tend to favor glycolic acid over the other acids because it is effective with lesser side effects than the other acids.



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Glycolic Acid Benefits: Who Can Benefit From Using it?


I’m happy to say that pretty much every skin type can benefit and safely use glycolic acid, particularly if the concentration of acid is less than 10%.  If the acid is higher than 10%, which is typically only used by dermatologists and aestheticians—the risk factor will increase ever so slightly. Keep in mind that using a 10% glycolic acid product consistently will deliver the same results as going to the dermatologist for a higher-concentration peel occasionally. I would like to not that people with sensitive skin should avoid it, or use it with caution and with a very low dose.



Main Glycolic Acid Benefits



Improves acne and and pores

People who suffer with acne or enlarged pores can benefit from using glycolic acid. Thanks to glycolic acid’s ability to loosen up built-up sebum and dead skin cells in the pores, it can help treat whiteheads, blackheads, and even cysts.



Improves skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and scars

Glycolic acid has the ability to exfoliate, accelerate skin healing and correct skin discoloration. As a result, glycolic acid can help those who are dealing with lack luster skin, uneven skin texture, dark spots, and/or post acne scars.




Glycolic acid stimulates collagen, improve skin elasticity, and increase cell turnover—resulting in more youthful looking skin.



Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Noticing some fine lines and wrinkles? Consistent use of glycolic acid can help smooth and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin.



Increase product absorption

Want to up your skincare game? Glycolic acid can help increase absorption with skincare products. However, you want to stop using it with other products if you notice any redness or irritation.



Smooth canvas

To all the makeup junkies—makeup application will go on so much smoother after using glycolic acid.










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  • Very helpful information! I suffer from sensitive skin and therefore are unable to receive most kinds of facials. I’ll have to give this a try.

  • I’ve heard of glycolic acid before, but didn’t know much about it. I do know it’s an ingredient in the prescription face wash, and this explains why!

  • This information is useful to me. My skin is very sensitive if a product does not match my face, then on my face, a red bump will appear like being bitten by a mosquito. I will check all the products that you recommend.

  • I am really bad at skincare products. Like I just use the lotions and makeup that I really like. But I learned a lot about Glycolic acid and might try it someday.

  • This is really helpful and I havent heard of it which reading the benefits seems its nice to use especially, its for almost all type of skins.

  • I’ve tried glycolic acid in different concentrations, my skin doesn’t seem to like it that much. I have been trying other acids lately.

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