Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer + Genius Magic Powder

I was so excited when I saw a Charlotte Tilbury package outside my door! I was even more happy when I saw what they’ve sent me—their new Magic Away Concealer and Magic Powder. Therefore, today I’m going to talk about both of these and say if they’re hits or misses!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer + Genius Magic Powder

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer + Genius Magic Powder


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer + Genius Magic Powder


Magic Away Concealer

The Magic away concealer comes in 16 shades and comes in a lovely rose gold packaging. Let me tell you that this concealer covers up those unwanted dark circles! Even though this concealer is full coverage, it doesn’t look heavy on (hallelujah!) I would say that this concealer is not too hydrating nor too drying—it’s in the middle. One thing I’m not the biggest fan of is the twist applicator because it wastes product. However, I noticed that when I’m cautious with twisting the applicator, I barely waste product. I tested the magic away concealer for a couple of days now and can say that it wears well and doesn’t crease (I always set it with a setting powder). All in all, I definitely recommend trying out this concealer!


Charlotte’s Genius Under Eye & Face Magic Powder

The Magic Powder comes is 3 shades: light, medium, and dark. This powder helps blur pores while giving a subtle luminous finish. I love how this powder does not get cakey or dry. I really like how this loose powder has a slider to prevent product from falling out. Some people have complained about the smell. However, the smell honestly doesn’t bother me—it smells very similar to crayons—and the smell subsides once on. I love how the magic powder looks with the magic concealer under they eyes. With this in mind, both of these products are a hit for me!


Have you tried either of these? If not, will you be? 



12 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer + Genius Magic Powder”

  • I’m a sucker for a good magic powder/veil. I’ve been a mineral veil person for years, long after I abandoned the rest of the Bare Escentuals line. I’m excited to try a new one!

  • Wow, with 16 shades, there’s surely one that would work for everyone! I’ve never tried these products, but they sound great.

  • That’s nice! I have no idea about magic powder, but I think the picture was clean shot of the product. I like how put the background and everything.

  • A good concealer is an absolute must. This one looks like it has all the bases covered and offers a lot of shades too which is great xx

  • I haven’t tried any Charlotte Tilsbury products but its on my list to try! Good to know the product wasn’t super wasteful for the concealer.

  • I’ve never actually used any Charlotte Tilbury products but I love, love, love her packaging. So pretty! Maybe I’ll pick something up this holiday season.

  • Nope, haven’t tried either of these . I don’t wear much makeup, but to be honest, I’ve never heard of this brand, so maybe it’s not available where I live? They sound like fab products that get the job done, though!

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