Cream or Powder Contour: Which is Right For You?

Contouring is simply one of the best ways to create the illusion of a thinner and more defined face. In particular, contours (dark colors) slim down features while highlights (light colors) bring the face forward. If you are not too familiar with contouring, I wanted to help you decide on whether a cream or powder contour product is right for you!


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Cream or Powder Contour: Which is Right For You?


When is it best to use a cream contour product?


Are you aiming for a more natural, dewy look?

Cream products are hydrating and sink into the skin.


Do you have dry or mature skin?

Powders are known to accentuate dry skin and fine lines more. Therefore, it is best to opt for a cream contour.


When is it best to use a powder contour product?


Are you aiming for a more chiseled, defined look?

Powder contours tend to give a more sculptured look.


Do you have oily skin or large pores?

Cream products are not going to wear long on oily skin and will make large pores more noticeable.


Do you need your contour to stay on all day?

Powder contour products tend to have a better longevity than cream products.


Now don’t think you have to choose one or the other! I personally prefer to first use a cream contour and then a powder contour. I  specially like to use both because I feel like setting the contour with a powder contour increases longevity.


Important to remember:

  • Choose a contour shade that is 2 shades darker than your skin color and the same undertone as your skin tone (selecting the wrong undertone can look too orange or muddy)
  • When applying cream contour, you want to have a cream or liquid base—make sure you set your face with powder after applying cream contour. Whereas, you want to have a powder base when applying a powder contour to have a streak-free finish.
  • Always apply with a light hand and build up to avoid over contouring.
  • Blend product upwards to lift face up.
  • Blend product in with some setting spray to avoid harsh lines.



12 thoughts on “Cream or Powder Contour: Which is Right For You?”

  • Make up is always hard for me! I do like the creamier looks, probably becauase I am getting older! 31 tomorrow! This was so helpful i’ll have to keep these in mind when I’m looking for my next contour make up!

  • I had never thought about using a cream contour and only have powders – i’m def going to try a cream though after reading this!

  • For most of my life I only used cream. THEN – I decided to give powder a shot and have never looked back. I will take the powder all day any day.

  • Oh, I’ve tried so many different brands and styles of contour products, looking for the one that suits my skin the best. What worked for me 10yrs ago does not work for me now as my skin texture has changed with age…. Currently I’m using a cream contour.

  • I’m honestly not so good with make ups so these are helpful tips for me. I think I always want a natural look for me.

  • This was really insightful. I have never been a huge makeup person – so this was very helpful to know the difference.

  • Thanks for sharing these information. My makeup artist uses cream contouring on my face during our many photo shoots. And for my regular days, I use the powder contour.

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