11 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Last year, Puerto Rico was sadly hit with a Category 4 Hurricane Maria and affected many. Now that you can now travel to Puerto Rico, here are some many reasons why you should visit Puerto Rico!


11 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


San Juan, Puerto Rico, Travel, Travel Tips, Puerto Rico Travel



1. Help rebuild the island

Your tourist money will go a long way in helping rebuild the island and its economy, because Puerto Rico heavily relies on tourism. Therefore, the more people that visit, the quicker they can rebuild their island after Hurricane Maria.


2. A Passport is not required

Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, a passport is not required to travel there and back. As long as you’re a U.S. citizen, all you need is a government issue ID or your original birth certificate.


3. Average 80s year-round weather

If you having the winter blues and are craving sunshine and warm water, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to go!


San Juan, Puerto Rico, Travel, Travel Tips, Puerto Rico Travel


4. Beautiful beaches

Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean, so the water is warm and blue. While the water is clear on the mainland, Puerto Rico’s islands have even more gorgeous beaches. I highly recommend taking a cruise from Fajardo to one of Puerto Rico’s Islands. I went to Cayo Iacocos during my trip and the (crystal clear) water was absolutely stunning!


5. The currency is the U.S. dollar

No need to convert your money if you’re from America because Puerto Rico’s currency is the U.S. dollar.


6. No roaming international charges

Since Puerto Rico is a part of the U.S., you will not incur hefty international charges on your cell phone bill. Therefore, you can freely use your cell phone while in Puerto Rico without any extra charges (as long as you’re from the U.S.).


7. Affordable airfare

I was able to snag a roundtrip from Newark International Airport for only $250 with Jetblue. I was surprised, because I’m used to playing $500+ for airfare to California.


8. Affordable prices

I stayed in Condado (one of the nicest neighborhoods in San Juan) and I was able to find veggie burgers at restaurants for only $10.99  and freshly made organic Tofu wraps for only $4.49 at a market. Let’s just say, it won’t be hard to find water for $1 at delis or shops there and super cheap alcoholic drinks. Oh, and make sure to get your odds and ends at Walgreens and CVS there, because the prices are very reasonable (especially with your membership cards).


9. Delicious food

The one thing you should know: Puerto Ricans do not like spicy food!  However, Puerto Ricans like spices and season their food very well. Make sure to not leave the island without trying the very popular Puerto Rican dish, mofongo! Don’t you worry if you’re vegetarian, because they also have vegetarian mofongo!


10. Puerto Ricans are warm and welcoming

If you don’t speak Spanish, no worries! I think I only met one person in Puerto Rico who did not speak fluent English. I am happy to say that from all of the Puerto Ricans I came across, they were all so warm and welcoming—whether it was my uber driver or waiter, they were all giving me suggestions on where to go and what to see.


11. Countless excursions

Don’t expect to lounge by the beach/pool your entire time when vacationing in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a vacation you come home tired because you did so much exploring. Between the beautiful warm beaches to the lush sub-tropical rainforest, you will certainly keep busy in Puerto Rico!


San Juan, Puerto Rico, Travel, Travel Tips, Puerto Rico Travel

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Travel, Travel Tips, Puerto Rico Travel

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Travel, Travel Tips, Puerto Rico Travel



Have you been to Puerto Rico? I just came back from Puerto Rico and I highly recommend booking a trip there someday!


11 thoughts on “11 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico”

  • My husband and I went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon which is the only time I went to the Caribbean other than on a cruise. Puerto Rico sounds like another great place to visit, I love the beach and blue waters. And that’s great that they speak English there, that was our biggest hurdle in DR, trying to dig through my memories of high school Spanish classes!!

  • I loved Puerto Rico when we visited years ago. These reasons all make me want to go back now. I definitely want to support the people there after the tragedy and help them build up again.

  • What a fun trip. It looks like you had a great time. Such beautiful photos…I definitely want to visit!

  • Such a wonderful place! I don’t think I would need 11 reasons to visit Puerto Rico, 2-3 are quite enough for me, I mean this island looks really amazing!

  • Is it bad that when I read the word Puerto Rico, I immediately start singing Despacito in my head? These pictures look beautiful.

  • Beautiful!! Look at that beach. I would love to visit Puerto Rico someday. I am not a US citizen though 🙁

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