COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review

Covergirl recently released a 40 shade foundation line, the TrueBlend Matte Made Foundation! Yes, you read that correctly.. 40 SHADES! Covergirl sent me all 40 shades plus their new TruBlend Skin Primer Bases (which I’m completely thankful for). During the summer, I have combination skin (my t0-zone area tends to get oily). For that reason, I was SO excited to try out this matte foundation.


 TruBlend Matte Made, Covergirl, makeup, drugstore makeup

 TruBlend Matte Made, Covergirl, makeup, drugstore makeup



COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Foundation:

  • Comes in 40 shades (10 light, 10 medium, 10  tan, and 10 deep)
  • Shades consists of warm, cool, and neutral undertones
  • Minimizes pores
  • Controls shine
  • Oil free
  • Transfer resistant
  • Feels comfortable on skin
  • Stays put for 12 hours


COVERGIRL TruBlend Skin Primer Base:

  • Skin Smoothing Primer smooths skin for a suitable canvas.
  • Color Neutralizing Primer corrects redness and evens skin tone.
  • Pore Minimizing Primer diminishes and blurs pores while also magnifying skin.
  • Illuminating Primer hydrates and illuminates skin.



 TruBlend Matte Made, Covergirl, makeup, drugstore makeup

 TruBlend Matte Made, Covergirl, makeup, drugstore makeup




My thoughts after wearing this foundation for 12 hours

First and foremost, this foundation stays nice and matte (even in the areas that tend to get a bit oily), which is a huge deal for me! This foundation is medium to high coverage and is buildable. I like how this foundation is long-wearing and barely breaks up after a day of full day of wearing it. After wearing this foundation a couple of times, I can say that it is comfortable, lightweight and breathable. I tested to see if this foundation is truly transfer-proof, and I can say it is! I did notice that this foundation does oxidize a bit (so you want to keep that in mind when selecting your shade). Also, I wanted to mention to make sure your skin does not have any dry spots (because this foundation will bring them out). All in all, I personally love this foundation on my skin and I think it’s definitely worth trying (as long as you don’t have super dry skin!)


 TruBlend Matte Made, Covergirl, makeup, drugstore makeup



16 thoughts on “COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review”

  • Normally I don’t wear makeup because its hard to find ones that will work with my oily skin. I might look into this product! It looks amazing in your picture.

    • If you’re skin is not too oily, this matte foundation might work wonderful 🙂 & thank you Stephanie!!

  • Whoa that’s a lot of shades. I find it difficult to find the right shade for me with my weird undertones but I bet I will find my match here. Great to see it’s lightweight too. Perfect for summer!

  • 40 shades? WOW! Your skin looks gorgeous and I’d love to try this. It’s usually hard to find the right foundation but with 40 shades, it seems like it would be easy to find the perfect one!

  • You have a pretty good skin. My sister would love to read this article because she recently was looking for a shade that don’t break up.

  • Aww man as I’ve gotten older I definitely fall into the dry skin group. I never used to. My skin used to have that oily t-zone but now it eats up moisture! Maybe it’s the california heat too!

  • Love your look. That’s awesome that it stayed matte and didn’t go shiny after the whole day. I have never tried a covergirl foundation but I’m tempted.

  • This foundation sounds awesome and your skin looks flawless. I need to try this out. Does it make you break out?

  • It’s crazy how many different shades that they provide. Although from my girlfriend I am learning a lot about it all. I do know Covergirl makes good product and it looks great here too.

  • I’m so geeked that CoverGirl released this line! As a woman of color it’s so challenging to find a shade that’s just for me! It’s always either too light or too dark. This launch shows that CoverGirl is really celebrating diversity and I love the nice matte look!

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