How To Avoid Cakey Makeup

The last thing anyone wants is there makeup to look cakey. The whole point of using foundation is to make it look as smooth and natural as possible. Here are some simple ways to avoid cakey makeup:


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How To Avoid Cakey Makeup



The first and foremost, your canvas (which is you skin) must be well hydrated in order to have a flawless finish with foundation. The biggest mistake is thinking moisturizers will make you break out — moisturizers are your best friend for making your skin as young and healthy as possible! Apply moisturize before applying foundation. At the same time, make sure the moisturizer is dry before apply foundation to avoid a streaky mess.



Opt out of applying foundation with your fingers. Instead, use a beauty blender or foundation brush. Also, when applying foundation, less is more. Packing on layers on top of layers will leave you with a cakey appearance.


Prime, bake and set

Prime your face with a primer and bake your face with only a translucent powder. In addition, set your makeup with a long-lasting setting spray.


Limit the powder

Refrain yourself from packing on powder throughout the day to get rid of shine — you’re asking for a cakey mess. Instead, use blotting paper to remove unwanted oil and shine.



Do you have any hacks to avoid cakey makeup?


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