Awesome Ways To Use Makeup Wipes

When I run out of makeup wipes, I literally freak out! You may think this sounds a bit silly, but it’s because I use it in so many ways! If you’re only using your makeup wipes to just remove your makeup, you’re underestimating the power of makeup wipes! Just to be fair, I wanted to share some awesome ways to use makeup wipes other than removing your makeup that I’ve personally learned over the years!



Awesome Ways to Use Makeup Wipes


Clean makeup brushes

Having clean makeup brushes is a must to create a crisp makeup look!

Gently rub your makeup brushes with a makeup wipe to quickly clean them! This is my preferred method of cleaning my brushes when traveling.


Clean up eye look

Messed up your winged eyeliner? No need to worry when a makeup wipes is in reach! You can swipe makeup wipe along the angle of the eye for a crisp eyeliner and eyeshadow!


Clean the bottom of your bag

We all have those dirty bags that we just throw whatever in them. Instead of leaving it filthy, you can easily clean the bottom of your dirty bag by using a makeup wipe.. Just don’t expect makeup wipes to magically remove ink stains!


Lift stains

One of my favorite ways to use a makeup wipe is to use it to clean makeup stains on the carpet or on clothes. If you end up dropping your makeup palette on the carpet or accidentally rub some foundation on your shirt, leave it to makeup wipes to remove the stains!


Tame pesky flyaways

Gently wipe the root to the mid section of your hair to help with flyaways when you style your hair up. However, I don’t find this to be too effective with the hair hair is dry and frizzy.


Remove residue from surfaces

This may sound strange, but I love using makeup wipes to remove buildup on my bathroom vanity and bathtub. You won’t believe how easily makeup wipes removes any gunk. Seeing gunk bothers the heck out of me, so I love removing gunk whenever it starts appearing. You can even reuse a makeup wipe (one that has already used to remove makeup) with this method. You just want to make sure to wet the wipe with water before using. I use this as a first step in cleaning my vanity and bathtub and always disinfect the area with a bathroom cleaner and scrubber after. Try it for yourself — you’ll see makeup wipes really does the trick of removing gunk fast!


Do you use makeup wipes in any other ways than removing your makeup?



13 thoughts on “Awesome Ways To Use Makeup Wipes”

  • I don’t use make up wipes but now that I know they’re good for fly-aways, SIGN ME UP cause this girl has LOTS! ha!

  • I love makeup wipes. Seriously so convenient. At home I don’t tend to use them, but in my gym bag and travelling they are perfect!

  • wow mind blowing! I have never thought of cleaning the bottom of my bag with wipes! I need to try that the next time! Thank you for the awesome tips!

  • I seriously need to try make up wipes. I wear make up daily, but I just use my daily face cleanser to clear it off. It is quite expensive and I go through plenty of it. I think using make up wipes could definitely help me save on that. I love the creativity in this! Great other ways to use the product, especially cleaning the make up brushes (lord knows how much I need to get better at that!)

  • I don’t typically use makeup wipes because I shower in the evening after my kids are in bed so wash my face then. But I never thought of these being as versatile as the baby wipes that I almost always have with me right now!

  • Oh these were so amazing. Never thought of using makeup wipes for so many other purposes as well. These little things can be versatile haha..

  • I love make up wipes, I use them for myself like I use baby wipes for everything else. There are some great tips I hadn’t thought about here though thanks.

  • Great tips.. i dont do much of the make up things so i dont use makeup wipes either.. but we use baby wipes for EVERYTHING!

  • These are great tips. My girl friend will need this. She uses make up wipes alot. Thank you for your idea!!

  • I go through makeup wipes a lot because I pretty much use them as a wet wipe too.. These are some great tips for other uses as well!

  • Ironically we will put this to good use. My daughter just got through doing something on stage where we bought makeup wipes and now we have a ton of extras. This information will be definitely be used. Thanks.

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