My Update on Tria’s At-Home Hair Removal 4x Laser

Check out my first impression review on Tria’s at-home hair removal 4x laser here if you haven’t read it yet. Let me tell you that this at-home laser DOES works! If you can tolerate the rubber band-like/ burning sensation, you will be happy in no time. After using if for over two months, I can honestly say I have less and finer hair. Hallelujah!


Honest Thoughts on the At-Home Hair Removal Laser


  • After using if for over two months, I have noticed about 50% less hair on the areas that I treated. I treated one leg to see the results better. Without a doubt, this pro outweighs all of the cons!!


  • If you have ever used any type of laser, you know the exact burning sensation I am talking about. Then again, it is just a reminder that “beauty comes with pain.”
  • Takes time, consistency, and patience. This takes consistency because the device has a small head and can only treat a small area at a time. Hey, but it is better than paying an immense amount of money to have it done at a spa or at the doctors.



With that in mind, I am more than happy with the results. Keep in mind, this doesn’t remove hair entirely. However, this laser certainly makes hair way more manageable.

4 thoughts on “My Update on Tria’s At-Home Hair Removal 4x Laser”

  • Wow, 50% less hair is a ringing endorsement! Yes, it would be worth a little burning/stinging for that. Definitely checking this out!

  • That is such a cool product! At home hair removal is just the kind of thing I need, especially after becoming a new mommy.

    xx, Kusum |

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