Surprising Causes Of Dry Skin





One well-known cause of dry skin is lack of moisture. Whether we are living in a dry climate, use harsh cleansers, don’t moisturize, or forget to drink enough water, we will lack moisture. Here are some surprising causes of dry skin:



Surprising Causes of Dry Skin



You want to always look at the ingredients to see if “fragrance” is listed. Believe it or not, fragrance can result in irritated and dry skin. If do happen to you like scent, you can opt for non drying scents like vanilla, honey, vanilla, shea or cocoa.


Harsh Soaps

You want to stay away from harsh soaps that will strip your skin’s natural oils. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting cleansers. Choose cleansers that specifically say “facial cleaners.”



Although this is not too surprising, sometimes genetics is merely to blame — you can thank your mother and father for this one! Studies have even shown that are genetic makeup can predispose us to have dry skin!


Hot Water

If you suffer from severe dry skin, you may just want to opt out of your daily steamy hot showers. Try to take cool, lukewarm showers at least twice a week to help your skin retain its moisture. If you notice that your skin is red out of the shower, that is a cue that the water is certainly too hot.


Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure can certainly result in dried skin as well as skin pigmentation. You don’t have to shy away from the sun… just slap on some SPF and cover up and you’re good to go!


Dry Air

Whether you live in a dry climate or have the heater blasting in your home, your skin is going to feel it. You can easily solve this issue by just investing in a humidifier.



Sometimes it is nearly inevitable not to have dry skin. Therefore, it is essential to moisturize daily. I like to always switch up my skincare to try new products. I have been currently using Brevena Daily Hydration Moisturizer on my face. Brevena has been in the medical field for 20 years developing innovative technology. I heard several good things about Brevena so I wanted to give it a try!  One special ingredient in this particular moisturizer is Macro B Complex, an ingredient claimed to have skin benefits. Brevena pulls Macro B Complex from the Ota Beta Glucan plant and then refine and purify it. I specially like how this moisturizer does not contain any fragrances and is light. Since it is light and non-greasy, this moisturizer can be applied before makeup. Use code KIM20 for 20% off any Brevena item! Do you typically suffer from dry skin?




17 thoughts on “Surprising Causes Of Dry Skin”

  • I am glad you talked about this product, I will give it a try. The winter is my least favorite due to my skin being so dry. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am really guilty of having dry skin from hot water! I like my showers to be scalding, but the next morning, my skin is SO dry! Lotion with fragrance too- no good! This seems like a good product to try out for my dryness, though!

  • I haven’t even thought about the fact that my air is dry with my heater. I need to get some good skin care products and a humidifier. My hands are so dry they are chapping.

  • I really need to moisturize more. I have some executive functioning problems and moisturizing tends to fall by the wayside.

  • This is one of the many, many reasons I hate the winter and cold weather. My hands get so dry they often crack no matter what I do. I’ll have to look into this.

  • During the winter time is when I suffer from dry skin because of the cooler wind. I will have to find this product to test it out.

  • I had no idea fragrance could dry skin!!! I need to watch this for my little ones. We have genetics on my husbands side that cause dryer skin anyways… then add that!?? Ahhh! I need to get on it and read those labels. Have to protect their skin.

  • When I lived in Las Vegas the air was very dry. I feel like it ruined my skin. I could’ve used this product back then hahah! Oh well, good to know about it now!

  • This looks like a great product! I had not heard of this brand, but will definitely check it out now!!

  • I live in a really dry climate and we find that during the winter our hands crack! It’s terrible. All of the things you listed definitely contribute to dry skin. It’s imperative to use moisturizer!

  • I did not know about some of these causes to dry skin, especially fragrance. I will have to check into this as my skin in super dry in the winter and really oily during the rest of the months.

  • I tried BREVENA after seeing it on TV and let me tell you, its amazing. I brought it in my bag for Christmas and my mom and sisters kept stealing it. Glad to see a discount to use since I’m running out and need to get more!

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