Reasons To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree

Since Christmas is less than two weeks away, I thought I would dedicate a post just to explain reasons to choose an artificial Christmas tree. Now, I know everyone has their own beliefs and I completely respect that, so I am not trying to push anyone into anything. Though, I thought it would be nice to share why I personally choose to use an artificial tree.


artificial Christmas tree


Reasons To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree


Appear Realistic

Believe it or not, good quality artificial trees can pass as the real thing. Yes, some do appear plastic-like. However, if you invest in a good one, you will soon forget it is a fake.


Long term investment

A (good quality) artificial Christmas tree will last you many years to come. At the same time, you will be having extra cash in your pocket because you will not have to pay the yearly cost of a real tree. Undoubtedly, an artificial tree will be much cheaper in the long run.



Boy, if you are allergic to Christmas trees like me, this one is just a deal breaker. Just being in the same room for a while is just plain uncomfortable. I know the fresh smell of pine is loved by many, but it surely isn’t worth it for those who are allergic.


Easier to decorate

Heavy ornaments just love to fall off on a real tree, which can be quite annoying. I personally find it so much easier decorating an artificial Christmas tree.


No Maintenance

There is literally no maintenance with an artificial tree — no need to water it or have to worry about it drying out from too much sunlight exposure. Phew!


Less of a fire hazard

Since the needles are not real, they are less of a fire hazard.


Less wasteful

Using an artificial tree means you are not killing a real tree. Therefore, this is certainly a more eco-friendly option.


Easier to clean up

Nowadays, artificial trees can fold down and be in the box like bingo bango. In fact, some even come with lights attached, making the cleanup even easier.


Tip: You can find really good deals on artificial Christmas trees the day after Christmas.


Fun Fact: According to USA Today, artificial Christmas trees sales has risen in 2017 because it is more cost-efficient and convenient.


12 thoughts on “Reasons To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree”

  • Less waste is my aim too and I am doing this from the past one year. Great idea, hope more people follow this.

  • I have never had a real Christmas tree. We’ve always had an artificial. I remember my dad hated stringing the lights, so one year we got a pre-lit tree. Now the one that I have doesn’t even have plugs, you just put the pieces together and it’s done. The only thing to watch with an artificial tree is if you have pets and they eat at it. My parent’s cat ate so much of the artificial tree it ended up killing her because her body couldn’t process it.

  • I’ve had both real and artificial trees and I can see the advantages of both. I think an artificial tree is definitely easier in many ways, though you do have to get a good quality one in order for it to not look tacky.

  • I could not agree more. Years back we used to get live trees, but we would get root ball and all for later replanting. Only worked once in a while as the ground was frozen solid. It was a nice idea. But now it’s artificial!

  • Artificial trees are always the best though I prefer the real one. But hey killing tree is not cool so I am with you on this. Get an artificial one!

  • I grew up with an artificial tree every year, so I thought it was the ‘norm’. So, I’ve continued the family tradition and still have an artificial tree every year – much less of a hassle and less cleanup than a live tree.

  • We only have artificial trees in Australia so no choice! It certainly is much more environmentally friendly! And I can’t imagine how much mess a real tree creates

  • We have not had a live tree in years. I love a live tree but the convenience of an artificial tree is too good to pass up.

  • We always consider getting an artificial Christmas tree every year but end up getting real one instead. Mainly it’s the cost thing. I’m going to pass this on to my family, you make some great points, think it’s time we relooked at the artificial tree thing again.

  • We use artificial tree every year, and haven’t tried to purchase a real tree. Glad that you point it why we should choose the artificial tree.

  • We use artificial Christmas tree every year too. I haven’t tried any real tree. But my mom purchased on. I recommend fake tree because of it’s non-allergic and less of a fire hazard and easy to decorate.

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