How To Keep Moisture In During Cold Months

Winter months means unwanted dry, dull skin. I don’t know about you but I like my skin to look and feel the opposite —  glowing and hydrated. Here are some simple yet effective ways to keep moisture in during these brutal months:


How To Keep Moisture In During Cold Months


1. Load up on water. Remember that your skin needs hydration inside and out. Get bored of water? Add some fruit to add flavor!

2. Ever wake up with a dry, scratchy throat? That is because the heater causes the air to lose moisture. Therefore, use a humidifying to put moisture back into the air.

3. Avoid bathing in hot water. As tempted in may be to take hot showers during the cold season, you are doing your skin more harm than good. Therefore, take lukewarm showers to avoid stripping your skin’s oils.

4. Moisturize your face right after the shower because your skin absorbs more moisture when it is wet.

5. Avoid harsh soaps/ cleansers that will make your skin even drier. My skin always needs an extra boost during the brutal winter months living in the Philadelphia region. For that reason, I personally like to use Olay’s Moisture Ribbon Plus Body Wash in Manuka Honey to give my skin the extra moisture it needs.

  • Olay Moisture Ribbon Plus is both a cleanser and a moisturizers unlike other body washes.
  • Olay Moisture Ribbon Plus doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry because it feels more like lotion than soap.
  • I do not need to put any lotion on my body out of the shower because it hydrates my skin well.
  • I am sensitive to strong scented body washes. However, Olay’s body wash has a pleasant scent that is not too perfume like. I particularly like Olay’s Manuka Honey because it has a sweet, soft smell — I could never get sick of the smell. I have also tried Olay’s Lavender Oil which I am also fond of, but the Olay’s Manuka Honey is my go-to body wash.


Olay Ribbons Winter Skin Challenge

With that in mind, I would like for you to participate in the winter skin challenge with me! All you have to do is wash and moisturize your skin once using Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus (I highly recommend in trying the Manuka Honey)! Mark my words, you will instantly see softer and more hydrated skin. Please let me know your experience with Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Olay, Olay Ribbon Plus, Moisturize

Olay, Olay Ribbon Plus, Moisturize

Olay, Olay Ribbon Plus, Moisturize




12 thoughts on “How To Keep Moisture In During Cold Months”

  • I can do all of this except giving up my hot showers. I absolutely hate the cold in so many ways… my shower has to be very hot for me. I do try to put my lotion on as soon as I get out, though, so hopefully that helps to balance it out a bit.

  • Such great tips for keeping skin hydrated during the winter months! I love my hot showers though. Lol! I will certainly put the other tips to use : )

  • Most of the time when cold days, I used olive oil to moisturize my skin, but I think, I need to change it to Olay. Will give it a try.

  • The winter months are rough on skin and these are great tips! I will have to check out the Olay!

  • I will keep all of these tips in mind because dryness in winter is a fact of life. I never tried Olay for the winter monthe but this Ribbons cleanser and moisturizer looks like something I could use.

  • I wouldn’t have thought about putting a humidifier in for those reasons. But it really does make sense to help with a scratchy throat. I should use it more often.

  • These are some great tips on how to keep moisture our skin. and this Olay moisture ribbon plus looks like a perfect skin care regimen for my skin. I will absolutely check this on the market.

  • My skin tends to become dry during this season and it’s good to know that there’s an Olay product to rely on to keep my skin hydrated! I’m sure these smell amazing as well.

  • I guess I should probably stop my hot showers pronto since it’s drying my skin out, but it feels so nice! LOL I do need to drink more water as well and invest in a good humidifier. Thanks for the tips.

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