How To Make Your Living Room Comfy

Who doesn’t want a warm, comfortable living room to binge watch tv? There are some easy ways to turn your living room from bare and cold to warm and cozy.



How To Make Your Living Room Comfy




Always, always take advantage of the natural light that your have. Therefore, you want to keep your blinds and curtains open to allow light to come in. Also, add some lovely light fixtures to brighten up the room. This is especially essential if you do not have a lot of natural light.


Coffee/ End Table

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a living room is empty without a coffee or an end table. You can also use an oversized ottoman to create an even more cozy feel.


Accent chair

Adding accent chairs helps fill unused space. Also, this is an easy way to add a pop of color or pattern. My living was looking a bit bare so I got this lovely, modern accent chair from Best Choice Products. Not all accent chairs are comfy but this one sure is! This accent chair is stylish yet comfy so I am grateful Best Choice Products complimentary sent me the chair to review honestly.



Pillows/ Throw Blankets/ Rugs

Add some pillows and throw blankets to warm up your couches. This is another simple way to add a pop of color. Also, don’t be afraid to get a patterned sectional rug.



There is just something so homey about having books and a bookshelf. I personally store my books in my tv stand to save some space.



I personally think that a living room without curtains just looks too bare. Did you know that floor to ceiling curtains are a way to lengthen a small room?



Make it your living room by adding some family/ friends photos and meaningful knick knacks. Though, you don’t want to overdue it on the knick knacks or it will make the room look too cluttered.


Wall Art

Don’t forget to add some eye catching wall art or photos so your walls don’t look cold like a hospital.



Add some flowers or plants to bring some life to your living room. I personally like to buy artificial flowers at Marshall’s or Walmart so they last basically forever. At the same time, you want to make sure that they look realistic. I also like real plants and flowers because they purify the air with positive energy.


12 thoughts on “How To Make Your Living Room Comfy”

  • Fabulous tips and beautiful photos of your living room. I’ve always loved a good accent chair. (Also, your kitty is adorable)

  • We’re redoing a few rooms in our house right now so these tips will certainly come in handy. Though we have mostly white furniture in our living room, I’ve always been drawn to colorful blankets and throws- they really do bring warmth and life to a room!

  • According to your recommendations I need a bookcase with photos and books along with some throw pillows and plants… yes, these would all make my boring living room look and feel a lot more cozy for sure!

  • Awesome, my living room has most of this! I don’t keep books out, though, because my boys would probably tear them up. We put sconce lights on a dimmer over our couch and it’s the perfect lighting for the evening.

  • I think creating a cozy and warm room depends on a lot of things just like you listed. A good lighting is necessary as well as some beautiful wall art, soft and comfy pillow and some plants to brighten up your house~!

  • Amazing! My living room has almost everything on the list except plant. I have kept some artificial flowers but I would love to keep some plants in the living room.

  • I love my living room right now because it’s packed with all the stuff that makes it the perfect place to stay in during a lazy afternoon! You shared some awesome tips here!

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