Fall Outfit Of The Day: Vegan Leather

I can’t help but wear black during this moody, chilly season. The last thing I want to wear in November are feminine, vibrant pieces. Haha anyway, I am really digging these vegan leather leggings with fishnets on the side. I ordered the leggings in a size medium. However, I am now wishing I ordered a size small since the waistline is loose on me. While I’m typically a size small, I like to be on the safe side with sizing up when shopping online since I am not familiar with the company’s sizing. With that being said, you can safely order your size or may even get away with a size smaller since it has a stretchable elastic band. I paired the leggings with ankled vegan leather buckled boots. These heeled booties are one of my favorites because who doesn’t like adding a few inches to your height. As a matter of course, I had to wear my vegan leather jacket to complete this look. I am not going to lie, I’m going to be quite upset once it gets too cold to wear my leather jacket. What are your favorite fall-peices?


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