Tips On Setting Up A Tent

If you’re somewhat of a city gal like me, first time setting up a tent might not be the easiest. For that reason, here are some simple but useful tips I have learned after setting up tents multiple times.



Tips On Setting Up A Tent


Find an appropriate spot

In other words, don’t set up your tent on an uneven terrain. You want to aim for a level, dry spot that has a lot of space.

The more hands the better

Having more helpful hands makes setting up a tent so much easier.

Lay out tarp

In order to prevent moisture from getting on your tent from the ground, always lay out tarp before setting up the tent.


You want organize all of the components of the tent in groups so it easy to see when reading the setup directions.

Stake the ground

Use a small hammer to get the stakes more easily on the ground deeper.

Air dry

If your tent happens to get whet, always allow it to air-dry before packing it up or you will have have an unwanted mildew surprise.


Mosquitoes are inevitable living in the North East. Therefore, I either have to always wear bug spray or stay inside during dusk and dawn or else I will end up being eaten alive. However, this durable outdoor bug-proof tent allows me to enjoy the outdoors during these mosquito infested hours. I love bringing this mesh tent on lake days or even on sunny beach days to be able to shy away from the beating sun throughout out the day.








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