Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites


Now that I’ve moved back to the Northeast, I once again have to worry about mosquitos eating me alive. If I am not cautious when outside on hot, sticky days, I am left with countless itchy bites. Here are some easy ways to avoid mosquito bites:



1. Stay away from mosquito infested areas

Mosquitoes love to be near standing water to lay their eggs. With that in mind, you want stay away from any standing water such as ponds and marshes and even want to remove any pots or buckets that are filled with water.

2. Stay inside during peak mosquito hours

Mosquitoes are evidently out during dusk to dawn. However, they are even more out during the early morning and evening.

2. Dress appropriately

Not only do you want to cover up with tight-fitted clothes, you want to also wear light colors. If you didn’t know, mosquitoes are claimed to be more attracted to dark colors.



3. Avoid wearing cologne or perfume

The strong smell of cologne and perfume will surely attract mosquitoes so your best best is to avoid putting them on.

4. Wear scents to repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are claimed to not be a fan of these scents: lavender, peppermint, basil, citronella, catnip,  garlic, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon balm and marigold.



5. Use an insect repellant 

It is always a smart idea to have an insect repellant in your glove box or in a closet just in case you ever need it. You want to always use an insect repellant that has been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Also, make sure to always wash off the insect repellant once you are indoors.

6. Purchase a mosquito lamp

A mosquito lamp is great to have if are having a barbecue in the backyard and want to keep the unwanted pests away. I personally use Sorbo mosquito lamp to do the job! I particular like how it charges with a USB as oppose to being battery operated. Also, I like how the lamp is easy to clean and takes up a small space. Since mosquitoes are attracted to light, this mosquito lamp certainly works.




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