How to wear horizontal stripes

I spent time in Long Beach Island, NJ with my family over this past weekend. The weekend was filled with early wakeup calls, beach time, laughs and countless games of rummikube (if you haven’t played it, I highly advise in doing so asap). The weather was sunny and hot all weekend long. One of the outfits I wore for one of the evenings was this Gray Stipes off-shoulder striped dress from OhConcept. I feel like some people are afraid to wear horizontal stripe because it is sometimes claimed to make you appear heavier. However, I personally think that horizontal creates a different illusion of enhancing your body by contouring your curves. At the same time, I do feel that if you wear horizontal stripes incorrectly, it can be unflattering. So, I am going to give some quick tips below on how to wear horizontal stripes properly!



How to Wear Horizontal Stripes:


Aim for thin stripes. The thinner the stripe, the narrower you are going to appear.

Horizontal stripes contour your curves and helps achieve the hourglass appearance. Wear a fit style in your narrowest area (ex. your waist). If you have a thin waist and big hips, horizontal stripes is just going to contour your body beautifully.

Avoid horizontal stripes if you do not want more attention on your physique. If you do not want to enhance your hips with the horizontal stripes, you have another option of wearing a loose-fitted style in the hip area. You want to also avoid wearing both pants with horizontal stripes if you do not have thin thighs and horizontal stripes tops if you have broad shoulders. Although, you have the option to wear a solid color blazer or cardigan over your striped top.





13 thoughts on “How to wear horizontal stripes”

  • You rock that dress with your perfect hourglass figure! I have a navy dress with white horizontal stripes and I love it. It is stretchy material and a little loose in the tummy and hips to make it more flattering.

  • That dress looks so figure hugging and comfortable- as well as really bringing out some great features of yours!!! I’m in awe!

  • The two of you make for a wonderful look, it fits just perfect. thank you for all the great tips, it made me reconsider some outfits in the wardrobe.

  • You do look very good in stripes I must say. And you know how to wear it very well. These are definitely things to keep in mind wearing stripes.

  • Very informative blog. I loved how you have got very information about horizontal stripes. You are rocking the strips very well.

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