Tips when taking your dog to the dog park

I have a precious one year old Miniature Pinscher that I love taking to the local dog park. While dog parks are like an exciting amusement park to our furry friends, it is crucial to be well prepared as dog owners. Here are some tips when taking your dog to the dog park:


Dog Park Tips

Keep your dog hydrated

First and foremost, keeping your dog well hydrated while running in the sun is a must. Bringing a water bottle for your dog can be a pain since dogs can’t directly drink from a water bottle like humans can. Therefore, I am glad I came across this Aqua Dog water bottle because it allows me to give my dog water with a breeze. This 18-ounce water bottle is BPA-free and has a bowl-like top. I particular like this water bottle because you just need to squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl with the water.



Updated with vaccines

A space with a lot of dogs equals a space that may very well be infested with diseases. That is why it is crucial to have your dog updated with their vaccines to avoid your dog contracting or spreading harmful diseases. Also, if you live in the northeast region of the U.S. like me, make sure your dog is updated with their tick, fleas and heart disease vaccines.


Spayed and neutered

Just one non-spayed female and one-non neutered male in the park can lead to an unwanted pregnancy in a blink of an eye. For that reason, you should avoid dog parks if you dog is not spayed or neutered.


Waste Bags

Always be courteous and pick up after your dog. For that reason, it is always smart to bring at least three waste bags just in case your dog goes more than once. Also, if you see waste from other dogs, do the right thing and pick it up as well to keep the park as clean as possible



The dog park I go to is mixed with all sizes of dogs: small, medium, large, you name it. Every one is different but I personally do not trust my petite dog running freely with bigger, stronger dogs.  Therefore, I like my miniature pinscher to be leashed up. Although, I have a long leash to allow her to run and enjoy some type of freedom in the park. However, if your dog park has a small dog section, you do not have to worry about this problem.


Keep your eyes on your dog

Keep your eyes off your phone and never lose eyesight of your dog. You want to keep an eye on any aggressive or startling behavior.


3 thoughts on “Tips when taking your dog to the dog park”

  • I don’t have a dog, but these are great tips for anyone that does! And most of these could apply to taking your kids to a park too 🤣

  • Wow! This is an awesome post. I don’t have a dog so I am going to share it with my friends who have dogs in their family.

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