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Everyone suffers from muscle knots from time to time. Even though they are quite common, they are not always normal or harmless. In fact, untreated muscle knots may result in loss of elasticity in muscle tissue and even cause postural stress that is hard to reverse. Here are some home treatments that have been helpful for me for muscle knots:




Most importantly, you need to take a break from any activities that may be causing muscle strain –whether it be the gym or sitting in front of the computer.



Gentle full-body movements can be helpful with muscle knots. At the same time, make sure the stretching is pain-free.


Apply compresses

Hot/cold compresses can relax and decrease the pain from the muscle knot.



Massages can certainly break the tension in your muscles. Yet, not everyone has the budget to go to a spa or is unable to fit a massage appointment in their hectic schedule. Thankfully, The SpaBall Massage Kit allows for an effective at-home massage.


The SpaBall Massage Kit includes:

  • A video of Heather Karr, LMT, giving massage techniques and trigger points that she uses on her clients at her spa.
  • A golf ball to help apply deep pressure with less work.
  • A velour travel pouch


Lets face it, massaging with your bare hands can be tiresome. For that reason, I have preferred using the golf ball from the kit to massage myself and my partner. Before I watched this video, I was unaware of trigger points and how they have a lot to do with muscle knots. That being said, I am happy to have learned how focusing on trigger points can help with muscle pain.


Spa Ball

Spa Ball

Photo by SPAball



10 thoughts on “Home Treatments for Muscle Knots”

  • My husband is very athletic and could definitely benefit from this. As it is now, he rolls his legs with a foam roller, but something for his back would be great! Thanks

  • Nice blog post I suffer of muscle nods so must definitely I want to try this product and your tips. I am sure I can finally relax and not feel stiff.

  • My husband would love me forever if I tried this on him. It sounds great to relieve tired muscles and soreness from working out. I will for sure check this out. Thank you for sharing~!

  • I always hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, but after having my thyroid removed a couple months ago that area is too sensitive to really have a good massage done (doing the shoulders pulls at the skin in front where the surgery was). I have been getting sciatic pain lately, and my dad suggested sleeping on a tennis ball in the same pressure points this is showing! I’m going to have to look into this, thanks for sharing!

  • This looks pretty great. I wouldn’t have thought to use ball this way but I will have to use this to adapt with future massages.

  • This is so brilliant! My husband and I suffer from tight achy muscles! We are getting OLD! This is the perfect solution to ease out those stubborn painful knots!

  • Who knew that a gold ball could do so much to help our muscles! I think this is really important especially for physically active people, like athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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