How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits


If you surf, snorkel or do any other type of water sport in cold water, a wetsuit is necessary. Purchasing a wetsuit for the first time can be tricky; You don’t want to purchase the wrong size wetsuit because it will only result in a waste of money and discomfort in the water. In particular, a wetsuit that is too big will cause unwanted water to flush in. Whereas, a wetsuit that is too small will result in restricted movement.


How to Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits:

1. First and foremost, check the size chart for the specific company because companies sizing runs differently.

2. A wetsuit should be difficult and tight to put on. At the same time, there should be no excess room in any areas.

3. Raise your hands straight in the air and stretch out your shoulders. If you feel restricted and a lot of pressure, the wetsuit is too small.

4. You should be able to squat and freely move your arms in 2/2, 3/2 and 4/3 wetsuits.

5. Above all, you should purchase a wetsuit that you know just fits right.


Leader Accessories, Wetsuit, How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits

Leader Accessories, Wetsuit, How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits

Surfing, Wetsuit,n Watersports. How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits

Surfing, Wetsuit, Waterport, How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits


I am introducing my love, Dalton who is addicted to catching the next wave. Surfing is his healthy outlet from stress and the complexity of life. Leader Accessories sent me their 5mm Wetsuit for Dalton to use when he is surfing in cold water. Even though this company does not offer short and tall size options, the large fit Dalton perfectly since it was tight but allowed him to move without feeling a lot pressure. Dalton is quite picky when it comes to wetsuit; He owns a 4/3 Xcel wetsuit and a 3/2 Billabong wetsuit and says this 5/4/3 Leader Accessories wetsuit is comparable in quality. Do any of you guys surf, snorkel or do any other water sports?


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3 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Wetsuit Fits”

  • Great info! I live by the beach, but I tend to prefer lounging on the beach and admiring those who brave the wetsuit!! I have been thinking of taking up paddle boarding though, and the info here could be very helpful. Thank you!

  • Great article. I have never surfed and will probably never surf but i believe information is power. I have taken note of the points, you never know what life throws at you.Cheers!

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