My Thoughts On The Derma Roller


What is a Derma Roller?

The derma roller is a fairly new micro-needling treatment used to increase collagen production, cell regeneration and skincare product absorption. Every one is so eager to give the derma roller a try because studies have shown that it can help diminish scars, wrinkles hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks. In fact, the derma roller is also claimed to be even more effective in preventing wrinkles and scars. This particular device is designed to pierce microscopic holes in the skin to tell the body to repair and produce collagen and new cells. A derma roller can be down at the doctor’s office or conveniently at home. Thankfully, at-home derma roller systems can save you a big chunk of money — choose wisely since they are all not treated the same since some are made of poor quality and can cause skin damage.


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My Thoughts on the Derma Roller

I honestly never have too much faith in any skin product/devices but I always want to give them all a fair try. I did a first impression post on the derma roller 5 months ago. Now, here are my thoughts on the derma roller 5 months later:

I have been using a 1.0 mm derma roller for the past 5 months and have been seeing noticeable results with my hyper-pigmentation. Like I said, it isn’t a miracle tool but it does work for hyper-pigmenation (at least it has for me). I noticed that the derma roller does speed up the recovery for my dark spots when I use it with my collagen and retinol creams since it helps increase absorption. I particular like how the derma roller’s recovery time is less than a week as oppose to chemical peels that can take weeks to heal. I can’t personally say that it works for deep scars and wrinkles because I haven’t used it for those reasons. However, there are a lot of positive results out there from several people on those specific skin issues.


Does Derma Rollers Work?

With consistency and time, you will eventually see a notice — it is a not a quick fix by no means but you will get results with hyper-pigmentation. You can expect to see a difference after 4-6 treatments.


Tips I have learned from Derma Rolling:

Do not I repeat do not over use the derma roller — this will just do more harm than good. You may say to yourself, “the more, the better” but the key secret to see improvement is to use it once a month. Please be patient and wait at least 24 hours before you apply makeup, sunscreen or simply any lotion to the area you treated since this will highly increase chance of infection. Read more tips on using a derma roller here.



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8 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Derma Roller”

  • I tried to use a derma roller once. Considering my pain tolerance, I just couldn’t bring myself to roll it across my skin. The thought just freaked me out. Coudos for your ability to do that!

  • Im so glad that you say its not a quick fix!! Nothing is unless, offcourse, you go under the knife!! I’ve never tried the deema roller. Been intrigued (by all the people who claims it works instantly) but then i have chickened out!! Something about those needle 🙂

  • I’ve always been afraid of the derma roller. I just cam see poking myself a hundred times from Sunday. I mean…doesn’t it hurt? I’m genuinely curious about it, butt scared of it too!

  • Sounds like it’s a pretty serious product here. I have heard of those chemical treatments on skin and that would make me nervous. Even if it’s hard and slow progress I would much prefer something like this.

  • I admit I got one and it kinda scared me to use it. I am glad this, not quick fix. Everyone wants that today I would think this would work over time

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