Elephants: The Symbolism and Meaning

Elephants have been admired by humans since the beginning of time with their grace and wisdom — they are one of the most majestic animals today.


Elephants: The Symbolism and Meaning


Wish Upon an Elephant

Elephants are generally seen as a symbol of fortune and good luck in several cultures. It is believe having an elephant facing the front door will bring good luck and protection to your home. Some cultures even believe that an elephant’s truck has to be facing upwards in order for good luck.


Gentle Giants

Elephants are the largest land animal on Earth yet known for being gentle and affectionate. Elephants can teach us that being gentle, affectionate and empathetic to our loved ones is imperative in relationships. In fact, elephants are known to comfort their loved ones when they are upset and are the only non-human animals to grieve their loved ones and perform burial rituals. These large animals are known for loyalty and thrive in communities. Elephants can also teach us that one of the best things in life is connection with others. Due to their long lifespan, they are also seen as a symbol of power, strength, longevity and patience — this graceful animal can live as long as 90 years. It is so beautiful how powerful yet delicate elephants are at the same time.



Little do we forget just how intelligent elephants are — the land animal with the largest brain. Studies have shown that elephants can identify languages and human body language. Also, elephants has been seen using sticks as a tool to swop flies and scratch themselves in unreachable places.


Elephants Never Forget

Elephant’s ability to never forget helps them to survive. Particularly, they have the ability to remember intricate routes to their limited food and water sources. In addition, they have exceptional memory with recognizing familiar faces even after a long separation. Some cultures believes that elephants can help us remember beautiful memories we have long forgotten.


Jeulia Jewelry, Elephants

Jeulia Jewelry, Elephants

Jeulia Jewelry, Elephants


Elephants are one of my favorite animals mainly because of their beauty and symbolism. I partnered with Jeulia Jewelry and received a beautiful elephant ring. I love wearing this ring because it reminds me of my Abuelita who loved to wear and have elephants all over her house to bring good luck and fortune. This beautiful ring is 925 sterling silver with Lab Created Sapphires. I have never seen an elephant ring like this one so this one caught my eye instantly.

Update: Sadly, I noticed that the gold elephants in the ring turn silver one month after receiving the ring.


If you would like to play a part in helping endangered elephants, here are a list of charities and companies helping to save these beautiful creatures!


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  • Elephants are beautiful and majestic animals and are one of my favorites as well! Your elephant ring is beautiful and I’m sure you love wearing it to show your love for elephants.

  • Aww elephants are so special! I’m pretty sure my husband is part elephant with that memory of his too. And that ring is adorable!

  • There is a reason why they say “have a memory of an elephant” 🙂
    If you are lucky to be an elephant’s friend, you got a loyal friend for life. If I were an animal, I would like to be either an elephant or a lion.

  • Elephants are my favorite animals. When we got to see them in their natural habitat in Africa, I cried. They are so special.

  • OMG, I remember when I was a kid and elephants were my favorite animal! I still love them, I just don’t get the chance to see them as much. My mom had a bunch of elephant charms as well. Love them!

  • I have always heard that elephants are a symbol of wealth and they never forget. Is it true that they are scared of mice?

  • I am passionate about animals and love pandas and elephants. And of course dogs and cats. This jewelry piece is amazing I will show to my husband maybe will convince him to buy it for me =)

  • I would absolutely love that ring. I didn’t realize the symbolism and meanings behind elephants. I’ve loved them since riding one in my younger years.

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