Harem Pants: Where Comfort Meets Style

Harem pants have been worn since the early 20th century. With its popularity, many can say that baggy harem pants are one of the most intriguing yet comfortable piece of clothing to wear.


One size fits all – Harem pants either have an elasticated waist/ ankle or a drawstring waist in order to fit sizes ranging from small to large… Yes ladies, you can gain or lose wight and still fit your go-to harem pants!

Flexibility – Since harem pants are baggy, they offer great movement particularly perfect for yoga. In addition, the loose-fitted style makes it awesome to wear when sleeping or lazy days when you just want to lounge around the house comfortably.

Boho-style – The bohemian, tribal style gives off good vibes and peace — You simply feel free wearing free-flowing harem pants. Therefore, a day wearing harem pants out of the house guarantees a day of comfort without feeling like a bum.


One Tribe Apparel, Harem Pants, Bohemian, Thai Harem Pants

One Tribe Apparel, Harem Pants, Bohemian, Thai Harem Pants

One Tribe Apparel, Harem Pants, Bohemian, Thai Harem Pants

One Tribe Apparel

I am wearing One Tribe Apparel’s beautiful Black & Red Peacock Thai Harem Pants. The peacock inspired prints on these are simply stunning — I particularly love the black with the pop of vibrant colors. Moreover, these pants are homemade in Thailand using local materials with traditional village techniques.

I always love to support companies that somehow give back — One Tribe Apparel donates $1 from every purchase to the Elephant Nature Park. The donations helps provide medicine and care for the rescued elephants at the park. I am an avid animal lover so this makes my heart so happy! What do you think of harem pants?



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17 thoughts on “Harem Pants: Where Comfort Meets Style”

  • I became obsessed with harem pants when I got a pair in a set of travel clothes a few months ago – they’re SO comfortable, I see why they were popular historically!

  • Love these harem pants. You were them well, and they have that real boho feel about them. The black and vibrant colours look great in your photos.

  • Those pants really look great on you. I can see why they’re comfortable and I’d love to have a pair but I would only wear them at home — I’m afraid I’d look like a blimp in them. But for home?? I’d go for them big time!!

  • Those are so pretty and they look so comfy! I especially love that they give money to the Elephant Nature Park, which is on my travel bucket list!

  • Super cute and very stylish I wish I had the body to be able to wear those as I can imagine are very comfortable.

  • You are totally rocking these harem pants, lady! I definitely couldn’t pull them off, but they look so comfortable!

  • I keep looking at these and thinking I’ll get a pair as they do look super comfy. I’m not buying many new items of clothing at the moment but when I do I will get a pair.

  • When I think of harem pants, I’ve always thought of the super baggy crouch, which I’ve never liked. But these are super cute! And they look great on you!

  • I love my hateem joggers, they’re so comfy and a lot more practical in the summer months when it’s too hot to wear jeans. Mine are just black, not colourful like yours thoug – maybe I should invest in some coloured ones! X

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