The Most Common Face Washing Mistakes

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There are many common face washing mistakes that we can all admit that we once did at some point of our lives. Evidently, improper face washing can result in skin dryness and irritation along with breakouts and oiliness.


The Most Common Face Washing Mistakes


Using the wrong product – Face cleanser that are too harsh will cause skin dryness and irritation. You want to aim for cleaners with natural, simple ingredients instead of ones that contains harsh ingredients such as fragrances, colors and sodium lauryl sulfate. Meanwhile, face cleanser that are too gentle will not completely remove all of the excess dirt and makeup.

Over-washing – Just like your hair, over-washing your face is doing more bad than good. You should limit washing your face up to once or twice a day to prevent irritation and an increase in oil-production.

Washing with hot water – Although we may be tempted, washing our face with hot water is a big no-no!  Hot water can mess with the skin’s oil production and may cause skin dryness or an increase in oil production. With that in mind, washing with lukewarm water is always the way to go.

Over-exfoliating – While exfoliation is wonderful in removing dead skin, you want to avoid doing it more than three times a week. Exfoliating too often can lead to skin irritation, redness and sensitivity.

Reusing face towel – Damp towel are a bacteria haven.. Therefore, you should never reuse a face towel if you do not want to increase your chance of suffering from a breakout soon after. With that in mind, I advice using a new one everyday. Find out how often you should be watching your face towel.

Rub rub rub – Sometimes we all find ourselves rubbing our face instead of patting — resist the urge to rub and try to remember to pat the face to prevent skin irritation.


18 thoughts on “The Most Common Face Washing Mistakes”

  • These are some great tips, I’ve used some products on my face before that have caused really bad irritation these days I try and stick to more natural ones.

  • Oh my, I make a few of these mistakes and had no idea it was detrimental to my skin! Thanks for sharing l am going to be much more careful from now on!

  • I have to wash my face more in the summer and less in the winter. I also found that I have to moisturize all year.

  • That is really interesting I never knew that washing with hot water does that to your skin. I will definitely wash my face from now on and Luke warm water.

  • Great points! I used to be guilty of over-washing and using too hot of water. I can tell a difference since I stopped doing that.

  • Well crap…I am doing a lot of things wrong! I am going to change up my routine to take some of your advice and see if my skin clears up and looks better!

  • I didn’t know that about not washing with hot water! You learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing!

  • These are great tips! I will admit that I always wash my face with hot water which I know isn’t great. Thank you for sharing!

  • Omg why wash your face with hot water?? Only lukewarm water. Sometimes miscommunication fails us 🙂

  • I’ve been trying to get into a better skin care routine lately. These are some awesome tips to follow!

  • Great tips. I never wash or dry my face with a towel that was used before. It tends to make my skin break out even more.

  • whoaaa, that’s really good to know. I always rub and rub my face with hot water especially when I have pimples. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have an awful habit of washing my face with hot water, and you’re right that it’s a no-no. Dries out my face and makes acne worse.

  • These are all really great tips. I know I always find myself resisting the urge to just wipe my face dry rather than just patting it as you should. Thanks for the great tips!

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