How Often Should You Wash Your Face Towel?


Little do we realize that our face towel that appears to be clean is actually responsible for breakouts instead of cleaning our face. Evidently, bacteria thrives for moist places… including our damp face towel. In fact, in a recent study conducted by The American Journal of Infection Control, E. Coli can be detected on a face towel within a DAY.


How Often Should You Wash Your Face Towel?

It is crucial to frequently wash your face towel. According to scientists, your face towels should be washed after each use. With that in mind, try to really use a new face towel every day because you would be surprised how quickly those nasty bacteria grows on your towels.. So don’t be lazy and just throw that dirty one in the laundry bin.


Additional Tips:

  • Sharing in not caring when it comes to face towels.. Never share a face towel with someone else and cross-share bacteria.
  • Avoid storing your face towel in the bathroom since the bathroom is a misty place which is a bacteria’s haven. Instead, store your towel in a linen closet that has minimum moisture.
  • Save yourself the hassle and have at least 7 face towels so you only have to wash your face towels one a week.





16 thoughts on “How Often Should You Wash Your Face Towel?”

  • We use our face towels as hand towels. Our faces get wiped with our shower/bath towel and those get washed after each use.

  • I always wash my face cloths after one use. they usually get makeup on them so I can not use them again util I wash them.

  • There are five of us in our house – that makes for a LOT of towel washing every single day, lol! Very educational post, this.

  • I actually don’t wash my face with a towel, but this is a great post for people that do.

  • Really enjoyed this post, I don’t even have a facial towel but I think it would be nice to get one 🙂

  • Thia is something for my list of things I never wanted to know about. Now this image is tuck with me – and I have to make more trips to the laundry room!

  • I change my face towels frequently and after reading your article I guess I should have seven face towels handy all the time!

  • This is crazy. I never thought about washing my towel every day. I usually do laundry once a week, and use two -ish towels a week.

  • What a good post so informative and I love reading more about this, I should change my towel every day and I will tell this too with my friends.

  • i have always washed my face towels after each use. i guess i never really thought about it.

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