Blue Light Therapy For Acne Treatment


I am in my early 20s and still dealing with some breakouts from time to time when I am undergoing stress. Being an acne sufferer, I am always searching for ways to completely eliminate those unwanted bumps. I partnered with Pro2Medical and received reVive Light Therapy, which is clinically claimed to treat acne at-home. Even though light therapy is commonly done at the doctor’s office, ReVive Light Therapy allows safe at-home treatment. I have been using this blue light for about the past 5 days and can noticeably see a difference. In particular, I had a pimple on my forehead and noticed it vastly decreased in size and is almost entirely gone! Phew.. I did not have to worry about that one. All in all, I did not experience any negative effects while or after using the light. With that in mind, the light was non-invasive and was pain-free. Also, the light did bother my eyes at all since I wore the goggles that were provided. From my experience thus far, this handheld light therapy certainly reduces bumps temporarily. However, I would not say that this is way to get rid of my mild acne permanently altogether.

How Does Blue Light Therapy Work?

Blue light therapy penetrates deep into the skin and kills the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes) that is found in the oil glands in the skin. Furthermore, the light decreases the size of oil producing glands resulting in a decrease of bacteria and oil.

Who Should Use Blue Light Therapy?

People who suffer from mild to moderate acne. Also, light therapy helps those who suffer from skin irritation or redness.

Why reVive Light Therapy?

  • Dermatologist and physicians recommended
  • FDA approved
  • Convenitely use at home
  • Cost efficient compare to in-office treatment with still providing same results since it is an OTC Class II medical grade device with Deep Penetrating Light Technology
  • Medically proven to decrease future breakouts, kill acne-causing bacteria and minimize skin irritation
  • 98% of participating users in a clinical study experienced an immense decrease in acne.
  • Can see result within days


“Blue light therapy effectively helps alleviate this common skin condition affecting 50 million in Americans and 94 percent of all females.” -Judith Hellman, MD, a board certified dermatologist


Precaution: Always wear goggles during treatment to avoid eye damage.


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11 thoughts on “Blue Light Therapy For Acne Treatment”

  • I have dealt with acne most of my life and recently started using something similar. I do find it helps keep my skin calmer. Every little bit helps!

  • This sounds like a great solution for people with acne. My stepson has moderate acne, so I am telling him about this!

  • I’ve heard of this in the past but wasn’t sure if it worked. I know there’s a lot of people out there that could totally benefit from this! It’s weird because my skin problems always seem to fade with a little sun (not a lot by any means, just a healthy dose of sunlight). I know blue light is different, just something I’ve noticed with my own skin.

  • Acne has been an on-going issue throughout my life. I think the blue-light therapy sounds like an interesting product. I wonder if it would be good for me.

  • I had a blue light when I was back in college and it helped me deal with winter blues. It was one of the best gifts I had received from my brother.

  • This is brilliant! I’ve heard of this before but never actually tried it. It sounds like a great tool to help people with acne.

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