How To Plump Lips Naturally At Home

Every one can agree that full lips are plainly sexy. For that reason, women have being obsessing over getting lip fillers.. Lip fillers include Juvaderm, Restylane, Perlane and Sculptra. Even though lip fillers are said to be safe, they are required to be done at a doctors office. With that in mind, not everyone has the money to spend $250-$500 every couple of months on lip fillers.


JuvaLips Original Lip Plumper

I’ve found a simply way to plump my lips.. I teamed up with JuvaLips to try out their affordable, at-home lip plumping device. Juvalip’s device is basically a suction that slightly swells the lips. I can definitely tell you that this device work. As you can see in the photos below, my top lip particularly looks more full. Be aware that you may experience some bruising around your mouth if you do it for too long, I personally use this once per session and do not use it everyday to give my lips a break. However, it is safe to use everyday according to JuvaLips. All in all, this is lovely to use on days I want to have sexier, fuller lips.


Why JuvaLips?

  • Temporary (only lasts up to 4 to 10 hours)
  • Cost-efficient compare to lip fillers
  • Conveniently use at home
  • Completely natural
  • Results only takes 1-2 minutes



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21 thoughts on “How To Plump Lips Naturally At Home”

  • I am going to have to try this. My upper lip is so tiny and it has always made me very self-conscious.

  • Wow, this seems great! Did the results last long? Seems like a great non-invasive alternative.

  • I’ll have to give this a try. I’m curious about this. I like that it doesn’t last too long in case I don’t like the look.

  • This is such an interesting product. I’ve been using liquid lip plumper and I hate my results! They always look so weird. Maybe I need to invest in this so that it looks more natural?

  • This looks quite awesome. My lower lip is quite large and I might try this for my upper lip!

  • Fortunately, I have been blessed with pretty full lips. I definitely know a friend that uses all kinds of plumping lip gloss and all kinds of things I can share this with.

  • Ill have to give this a try. I am scared of needles so this is a great alternative to lip fillers! Thanks for sharing

  • I see lip plumping products but never had the guts to buy one. This product looks interesting and the result is just wow! I might give it a try.

  • Wow! I had no idea this existed, this is why blogs are important! What a great alternative to surgery, great post :)!

  • Woah I never heard of this, but it sounds amazing! I’m soooo ready to give it a try for my Angelina Jolie lips <3

    XOXO //

  • This Juvalip’s device that plumps lips naturally seem like a great product for some. You can really tell the difference in your lips from the photos. This is not a product I would use but I know a few people I will have to share this with for sure. Thanks for a great review.

  • I’ve never used any of the lip plumpers that are out in the market. It’s good to know how these things work. It’s really the trend these days.

  • I would love to have plumper lips without resorting to surgery and I like that the effects are temporary. You look great either way x

  • I had no idea this was even a thing. That’s so interesting. I’m not sure it’s for me, but I have some friends who might love to see this!

  • I have been wondering about products like these to know if they really work, its good to see it does. I like how its only temporary to, so much easier than going through surgery

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