Helpful Tips When Buying a Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is simply one of the most versatile items to have in your closet. You can easily dress it down casually for a brunch date with girlfriends or dress it up for a night out. Although, there are some do’s and don’ts when purchasing a jumpsuit.



  1. Find the correct fit for your body type. Despite your height or weight, you can always find one that accommodates to you.
  2. Look for ones that are made out of cotton or soft knitted jersey. (These materials flow beautifully on the body.)



  1. Avoid ones that are tightly-fitted.
  2. Avoid purchasing ones that are made out of polyester.
  3. Stay away from ones that are difficult to remove. Don’t make bathroom trips more of a hassle.



I partnered with OhConcept and received one of their stunning jumpsuits. The Keyhole Jumpsuit comes in black and olive green. I selected the olive green one because I have a love for olive green earthy tones. This jumpsuit drapes beautifully on my body since it is mainly made out of viscose (a material that has a cotton-like appearance). Moreover, I like how this has an elastic waist since it clinches the waist while still being loose-fitted. I am wearing size small and it fits perfectly. Also, I am a little under 5’7 and this jumpsuit is a bit long on me. However, I do prefer jumpsuits to be long rather than being short. In fact, the long length makes it also well suitable for taller women. I paired this elegant jumpsuit with a vegan leather tassel crossbody bag with a solid black brim hat.





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22 thoughts on “Helpful Tips When Buying a Jumpsuit”

  • This jumpsuit looks great on you! I definitely agree that you want to stay away from polyester whenever you can.

  • I’m super short, which makes it so hard to find a good jumpsuit. Plus I’m 7 months pregnant, so now I’m laughing at the image of myself trying to wear one. You look great though! Maybe I’ll find one after the baby gets here.

  • You look amazing! I’m not sure if I’d ever get one, but if I do, I’ll keep these tips in mind.

  • I always loved jumpsuits, however I always thought I am too short for that so for a long time I was looking at all the girls wearing fabulous jumpsuits with jealous eye and one day I tried one on and I liked it so much I decided to buy it, and I am loving it now!

  • Great tips. I wish I had this list a month ago when I purchased my Jumpsuit. Although it looks good, yours looks much better. I love the color too.

  • I love jumpsuits and they can be dressed up or down. I love your olive khaki/ jumpsuit, it looks comfy as well x

  • Can i say that you look absolutely stunning in that jump suit. You are gorgeous and that accentuates every gift that you have. I agree that getting such a suit in polyester would be a nightmare.

  • The fabric appears to be very soft and comfortable. I am a curvy girl and short so I too shy away from these jumpsuit. However, this one looks great on you.

  • I love a good jumpsuit but it’s so hard to find one that is flattering for shorties. This type of material doesn’t usually work for every body type but looks great on you! Wish I could pull this off so bad.

  • Thanks for these tips.I really like wearing a jumpsuit.But,all the time I tried a fit on,those were not good on me.Most were tight or not easy to wear.I think I will use these tips next time!

  • What a gorgeous jumpsuit! I’ve never owned one because I simply don’t think it looks good on me. I will try it out again and see if it suits me now.

  • This is awesome! I love wearing jumpsuits during spring and summer, they’re comfy and perfect for the weather.

  • This is a really nice guide for people who are buying jumpsuits for the first time. I love it, it’s a nice outfit for summer!

  • Jumpsuit is one of the trick dress to shop and I need time to pick the perfect one. Thanks for your tips, i’ve learn new tricks!

  • Ooooooo love the way that jumpsuit looks!!! I will be honest, I’m kinda nervous to wear one myself lol

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