Tips to Care for Your Contact Lens

Regardless of what kind of contact lens you are using, it is imperative to properly take care of your contact lens to avoid infection and even blindness.’


Tips to Care for your Contact Lens

  1. ALWAYS wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts.
  2. If you wear makeup, apply makeup after you put in your contact.
  3. Do NOT use tap water or saliva to rinse contacts because some bacteria can cause eye irritation.
  4. Make sure to clean your lens case after every use with sterile solution.
  5. Always remove contacts before going to sleep.
  6. Since contacts can make your eyes more sensitive to light, make sure to use sunglasses when outside.
  7. Call your doctor if you are experiencing eye pain, blurred vision or swelling.

Circle Contact Lens

Have you ever tried or heard of circle contact lens? Circle contacts are just like normal contacts except they make the eyes appear bigger. In fact, these specific contact lens gives the eyes a dreamy cartoon appearance by making the iris of the eye appear bigger since the contacts covers the outer extra-wide rim of the eye. I have never tried circle contact lens until Lens Circle sent me one to try and I decided to give them a go because I somewhat small eyes and was curious to see how I would look with bigger eyes.

I tried the World Series Brown contact lens and the color is a beautiful mix of different hues of brown that looks pretty natural. The circle contacts certainly makes my eyes appear larger which is crazy! I first wondered the safety of these contacts because they are not based in the US. However, I soon found out that all of Lens Circle’s contacts are legally distributed by GEO Medical Canada (which is approved by the US FDA). One thing to keep in mind when using circle contacts is that it should only be worn 6-8 hours a day. I also highly recommend to use a prescription that was prescribed by a doctor when ordering contacts to avoid unwanted eye damage. All in all, these circle contact are certainly pretty and I plan on wearing them once in a blue moon since I do love the eyes God gave me 🙂

“The eyes are the mirror to the soul and reflects everything that seems to be hidden” -Paulo Coelho

Photo by Lens Circle
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