The Uses Of Smoky Quartz Crystal

What Are The Uses Of Smoky Quartz Crystal?

If you are are dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, smoky quartz is known as a soothing stone to help. Smoky quartz can be used as a mood lifter if you are feeling under the weather since it helps turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. In fact, smoky quartz is wonderful to carry or wear when facing a challenging situation. In addition,  Smoky quartz also aids in manifesting goals and improving mental clarity. This crystal is also helpful when trying to overcome a harmful addiction.

Smoky quartz helps with spiritual healing along with mediation and prayer. This crystal is one of the most powerful grounding stone that helps us to connect with Earth’s energy. When we are well grounded, we are more empowered and balanced in life. Smoky quartz is known to help activate and cleanse the Root and Base Chakra. A balanced Root Chakrra allows us to overcome the obstacles life brings to us. On the other hand, when the Base Chakra is balanced, the body obtains strength resulting in inhibited independence.

Smoky quartz has been claimed to help relieve muscle tension, headaches and chronic pain. This crystal helps repels negative energy in the environment by absorbing immense amounts of negative energy and transforming it into positive energy. (Hence, make sure to clean the crystal regularly to remove the negative energy) Also, this crystal helps ward off negative effects of radiation such as UV rays, radioactive materials and medical radiation. Also, the crystal can help remove unwanted electromagnetic energy in the environment. Smoky quartz is also a protection stone that is great to have in your house, car and other valuables to guard and protect it from theft, accidents or damages.


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“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you’ll use your talent to produce outstanding results.” -Anthony Robbins


smoky quartz
smoky quartz
smoky quartz


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