Energy Bowls: The perfect on-the-go snack

Energy Bowls are a perfect on-the-go super snack! I love how you can quickly make an energy bowl at home. Specifically, I like to blend Activa Natural Premium Whey Protein with non-fat plain greek yogurt and top it off with vanilla almond granola. I partnered with Activa Naturals and received some of their Premium Whey Protein in Strawberry Flavor. The protein has a delicious, strong strawberry taste and provides plenty of protein before or after a workout! This protein mixes easily with milk, water and even yogurt. I like to mix plain greek yogurt because it it has a thick texture and offers several benefits since it is loaded with calcium, helps with digestion and is a great workout recovery food! I also love how greek yogurt contains less sugar and carbohydrates but more protein than regular yogurt.

A Blend Of:

Activa Naturals Premium Whey Protein Strawberry Flavor
-Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
-Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Granola

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