Weekend Getaway

After having a hectic, stressful month, it is essential to take time for a weekend getaway every once in awhile. I live in San Diego so my partner and I decided to take a trip to Los Angeles. Since Los Angeles traffic can be crazy even early in the morning, we left at 4 AM to avoid it. We are not familiar of the drive to San Diego to Los Angeles so we had to use google maps. We used a phone mount on the dashboard that made using the gps so much more hassle free since it was a perfect view for my parter who was driving to see google maps. With that in mind, we luckily did not take any wrong exits nor got lost during the whole trip. The first thing on our list was to hike the Hollywood Sign. I would say that the hike is not difficult at all and is definitely a must do when in the area. We went on a rainy, chilly day but the views were still stunning. After the hollywood hike, we went and saw the walk of fame. I was so excited when I found Marilyn Monroe’s star since it’s not to easy to find since there are several blocks of stars. I was also able to find Marilyn’s foot prints and handprints which was awesome! We decided to stay at a cozy, Hilton Garden Inn for the night so we didn’t have to drive back on the same day and deal with the condensed roads. Ultimately, weekend getaways truly do make you feel regenerated. If you anyone has questions on the hollywood hike and the best way to get there, fee free to ask me!

“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been” -Diane Arbus








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