All Day Beach Days

Who doesn’t want to have all day beach days? I know I do! However, there are necessities when having an all day beach day. Firstly, you should use bring some type of sun shade to have breaks from the sun  throughout the day to avoid unwanted sunburn or sun exposure. I personally like to use a sun shade tent to hide away from the sun for awhile during the day. My favorite sun shade tent is Beach Body Tent. It’s so easy to set up plus it’s very lightweight. Also, I find it a must to pack up tons of food and drinks. I personally like to make sandwiches on rolls since they are so filling and yummy. Also, I like to bring a few snacks such as vegetable chips and mixed nuts. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring enough water to stay well hydrated while being outdoors. I like to bring my food and drinks in my lightweight travel backpack, Neat Pack Bag. With that in mind, my sun shade tent and backpack allows me to be a happy beach bum for the day!



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