Record Player

Flashback to the past with the record player. I came across this 3-Speed Vintage Portable Stereo Turntable by 1byone. I have a Bob Marley vinyl record that I play on this record player and it sounds pretty good. Although, the speakers of this stereo are moderately low. Therefore, I highly advise to use external stereos if you want to listen to vinyl records. If you prefer not to listen to vinyl records, this stereo has an output so you can connect your phone to listen to music. I love the vintage design of this briefcase style turntable and it is made fairly well. I got the all black stereo but it also comes in a beautiful light blue. I love how this portable stereo is lightweight which makes it very portable and easy to carry along.

1Byone Portable Stereo Turntable Specifications:

  • 33/45/78 RPM Speed Settings 
  • RCA & Headphone Jack Outputs
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Vintage, Leather Design

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