Glass Water Bottles

Replace usings hundreds of plastic water bottles for one single glass water bottle. Did you know that using plastic water bottles are not only harmful for the environment but unhealthy for you as well? In fact, studies have shown that chemicals in the plastic can leak into your water causing serious health issues. Meanwhile, plastic causes destructing effects to sea life because the incapability for plastic to biodegrade. With that in mind, I was glad to partner up with Purifyou to receive an eye pooping, aqua glass water bottle. Purifyou water bottles comes in several other vibrant colors including pink, purple, green and grey. I love how this water bottle has a silicone sleeve that makes it really easy to grip with also protecting the glass from a drop. In addition, the water bottle has a loop handle that makes it convenient to hold. This water bottle is composed of the most heat resistant glass, borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is awesome because it can withstand high temperature water so you can put hot drinks in this water bottle with no problem. Since it’s 12oz, I find this water bottle to be the perfect size since it is small enough to carry in a purse. Go green and start using glass water bottles more often. Get this glass water bottle here.

Helps save the world with Purifyou
Purifyou donates a portion of their profits from each water bottle purchase to help assist in building wells to impoverished communities in Africa.

glass water bottles
glass water bottles
glass water bottles

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