Bandana Headbands

One hair accessory that has recently grown to be a favorite of mine are bandana headbands. I don’t know about you but I love to have something on my forehead while breaking a sweat. Yet, I hate having a tight headband promising me a headache soon after. Therefore, I have favored to wearing bandana headbands because of the loose fit and the variety of styles. Bandana headbands are perfect when working out and adventuring in order to keep your hair and sweat out of your face and eyes. I have also found myself using these bandana headbands for casual wearing since they are so trendy and make such a cute accessory as shown in the photos below. I partnered up with Hoorag and received two beautiful bandana headbands known as Half Hoo Headbands. I love how Hoorag has a wide selection of styles, colors and graphics to choose from for both males and females. I also love how the bandana can be used in many ways including the headband, the alice rag, the pony tail rag and the neck gater as explained in more detail below. Hoorags are the perfect hair accessories that can be used for numerous ways.

Different ways to wear this bandana headband:

  • The Head Band: Keep your sweat and hair away from your face by wrapping the bandana on your forehead.
  • The Alice Rag: Wrap your hairline around the bandana to keep hair out of your face.
  • The Pony Tail Rag: Keep you hair out of you face by tying up your hair in a pony tail using the bandana.
  • The Neck Gaiter/ Warmer: Warm up your neck on chilly nights by wearing the bandana around your neck.

Show the world your personality and select your style here at Hoorag.



bandana headbands
bandana headbands
bandana headbands
bandana headbands


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