Wood Sunglasses

Wood sunglasses are the new plastic sunglasses. Normally when you see sunglasses, you see them being made out of plastic. However, I am beginning to see sunglasses made out of wood in which I am very happy about. I like seeing more sunglasses being made out wood because plastic is so harmful for the environment and it just helps decrease the waste of plastic to some degree since every help counts! Therefore, I was so thrilled to partner up with COR Surf to receive 100% UVA/ UVB polarized zebrawood sunglasses in the classic wayfarer style. I completely love how these sunglasses are eco-friendly since the sunglasses are handcrafted from genuine sustainable zebrawood. These sunglasses also come in dark ebony and natural bamboo. I love how theses sunglasses has Cor Surf engraved on the side of the frame which is shown on the first two photos. I find it cool how these wooden glasses are water resistant and even floats on the water so you won’t have an issue finding them if you drop them in the water. I love how these sunglasses come with an awesome weather resistant bamboo hallow case and a protective bag. 聽You can be worry free when purchasing these sunglasses because Cor Suf offers a five year warranty since the glasses are made of such premium quality. I found that these sunglasses fit perfectly on my face and I can see very nicely with them on while still protecting my eyes from the beating sun. These shades are extremely comfortable and it does not give pressure on my temples since the hinges are flexible. Luckily, this style of sunglasses are suitable for both men and woman to wear. I personally like to wear these wood sunglasses because they stand out and I find them being perfect to wear when I am at the beach.

Do good for our beautiful home and replace your plastic sunglasses with wood ones. You can find these wood frame sunglasses here at Cor Surf and Amazon.

wood sunglasses
wood sunglasses
wood sunglasses

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