Romantic Way To Watch The Sunset

One thing I have learned after tonight is another romantic way to watch the sunset. What better thing to do than to watch the sunset at the beach when you are in the West Coast? I wanted to try something new and wanted to do something instead of just watching the sun going down laying on a blanket on the beach. Thus, my partner and I decided to hang a hammock in between the pillars of the pier. Laying on a hammock so close to the ocean was the most relaxing and romantic sunset I have ever watched. The combination of being so close to the moving, rushing water and the glowing sun is incredible. Therefore, I highly advise to change it up with hanging up a hammock and watching the sunset with your significant other. I partnered with Live Infinitely and received this hammock that is shown in the photos below. The double lightweight hammock is weather resistant which also comes with Poly-Filament webbed tree straps. I find this hammock to be incredibly comfortable and roomie especially for two adults.  I also received a water infuser and a massage stick from Live Infinitely. The durable water infuser I received from Live Infinitely is made very well since and is made of Tritan plastic. I especially love how this infuser has a full length infuser rod, thumb releasing flip top and hand grip. I find the 18 inch massage stick extremely helpful especially when I am achy after a workout or a strenuous hike because it helps increase circulation, relieves tension and knots and improves mobility. Live Infinitely provided instructions for all of their products and even has a free ebook that includes workout and nutrition tips. You can find all of these awesome products and even more at Live Infinitely.





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