Contouring and Highlighting

Enhance you contouring and highlighting skills with the help of makeup brushes. Have you ever walked into a makeup store and thought what are all of the different bushes used for? I can tell you that each and every style makeup brush comes in handy when trying to apply different techniques such as contouring and highlighting. As any makeup lover knows, contouring and highlighting can make you look as if you had a nose job because it makes your nose thinner and more defined. Using a variety of makeup brushes will allow you to create a nicely done masterpiece on your face. For instance, using the tapered contoured brush is a necessity to get the flawless look while contouring on the cheeks and temples because it is shaped at an angle. Whereas, the baby angled counter brush makes it so much easier to contour and highlight the nose more precisely.

Beauty Widgets

I teamed up with Beauty Widgets and received a 10 piece rose gold makeup kit that I always use on special occasions and when I get dolled up. The kabuki makeup brushes come in a lovely roll up bag containing pockets for each brush. I find it extremely useful how each brush is indicated with specific use and a number for guidance. I love how these makeup brushes are made of synthetic bristles making it cruelty free. I personally prefer to use synthetic brushes because they are less likely to collect bacteria and cause a reaction to sensitive skin. These makeup brushes are extremely soft and have yet to cause any irritation on my skin while using them. All in all, these brushes helped me with contouring and highlighting angles on my face such as the inner eye, my nose and cheekbones and especially loved using these brushes when blending small areas.


This makeup kit includes

  • Angled Blush Brush
  • Powder Setter Brush
  • Round Foundation Brush
  • Tapered Contour
  • Angled Contour
  • Pencil Detailer
  • Round Blender
  • Flat Blender
  • Angled Blender
  • Baby Angled Contour

Forget the use of sponges and create the beautiful, sharp look on your face like celebrities with the use of makeup brushes. You can find this beautiful rose gold makeup brush kit here and at Beauty Widgets.

contouring brushes


contouring brushes


contouring brushes

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