How To Feel Good Wearing Glasses


Who remembers being embarrassed as a child for wearing glasses? I know I do! However, as I got older, I realized you can feel good wearing glasses. Older me now sees glasses as a cute accessory that can always enhance an outfit. At the same time, always make sure to choose glasses with a frame that goes well with you face. Since everyone has different face shapes and features, different frame suits certain people better than others. In particular, if you have an oval or round shape face, it is best to get an angular shaped frame to enhance the features on your face. Whereas, if you have a square angular shaped face, it is best to use a oval or round shaped frame to soften the features on your face. One of my personal favorite style on my face is the classic square vintage frame. I love this specific style because I believe that it goes well with my face and I love the boldness of the frame. I partnered with Firmoo and was so delighted to receive my favorite type of glasses. The quality of the glasses are great and the price is unbeatable. I love how the Firmoo glasses come with an awesome vintage map case as shown below along with tools to tighten up the glasses when they become loose.

So, don’t dwell on not having perfect vision, embrace it with wearing trendy glasses that suits your face well and allow yourself to stand out and be confident by wearing beautiful frames. You can find these glasses and a selection of numerous styles here at Firmoo.


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